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Dolphin, Online Monitoring System, Transmission Detector

Online Treatment Monitoring


Need peace of mind for yourself and your patients?

    You and your patients can have confidence in their treatment  
     fraction by fraction,  until the last fraction.

Dolphin, the first and only Online Treatment Monitoring System for SBRT and other advanced treatments.

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üStart using your Dolphin for pre-treatment QA!

üGain experience for future upgrades to online treatment monitoring!*

Key Benefits for Pre-Treatment Use


Key Benefits For Future Functionality


Dolphin Publications
► Download AAPM 2015 Poster
► Characterization of a new transmission detector for patient individualized online plan verification

**myQA patients support of Dolphin detector measurements is in progress. Currently not available for sale. Dolphin is FDA 510(k) cleared. For delivery availability please speak to your local IBA Area Sales Manager. 

*Dolphin is released for pre-treatment QA. Approval for online use during patient treatment is pending by Linac manufacturers.  

Product Information

Dolphin NEW Brochure (EN)
Download PDF (2.61 MB)

Patient-specific online dose verification based on transmission detector measurements
Download PDF (575.43 KB)

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Dolphin: Online Treatment Monitoring

Discover how Dolphin allows you to provide better Care and gives you the Online Control and Online Confidence of treating your patients safely as planned - until the very last fraction.
7 Unique Reasons that make Dolphin the #1 Choice!

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  1. High resolution measurements

  2. Automatic verification

  3. Full error analysis in patient anatomy (DVH) possible

  4. Designed for Patient QA and Machine QA**

  5. Unique connection to myQA**

  6. Ready for Adaptive QA**

  7. Unique patient friendly design

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