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Razor Detector, Small Field Dosimetry

Stealth Chamber, Razor Detector and Razor Chamber

SRS/ SBRT Commission Accuracy & Efficiency

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Perturbation Free "beam invisible" Reference Signal Chamber for Relative Dosimetry

Unique Efficiency

► Avoid frequent walks into the linac room and save 2 hours each commissioning day¹
► Mounted Stealth Chamber™ design does not require frequent repositioning as previously required for every field size change using standard reference chambers

Uncompromised Accuracy

► Leverage continuous scanning efficiency without compromising measurement accuracy
► Excellent reproducible reference signal quality even for SRS/ SBRT fields

Universal Plug & Play

► Use the Stealth Chamber™ with any existing water phantom
► Ready to use without additional system upgrades or modifications


High Performance Diode Detector for Small Field Dosimetry in RT

► High performance diode detector
► Diode detector designed for Relative Dosimetry
► For photon and electron beams


High Performance Air Ionization Chamber for Relative and Absolute Dosimetry

The RAZOR™ Chamber is a compact chamber for measurements
of small fields and of ranges with high dose gradients
e. g. stereotactic fields.

Suitable for Relative Dosimetry of photon and electron fields in radiotherapy

  White Papers 

AAPM 2016 poster: Stealth small field dosimetry
► Download PDF

Stereotactic Beam Characterization using the IBA Stealth Reference Chamber ► Download PDF

Monte Carlo Simulations Used to Test the Perturbation of a Reference Ion Chamber Prototype Used for Small Fields
► Download PDF



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Stealth Reference Signal Chamber and Razor Diode Detector

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