Particle Therapy QA

Targeted solutions for the most efficient QA

IBA's unique innovations for PT dosimetry are designed to minimize QA times and to maximize commissioning and patient throughput of busy PT centers.

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Daily QA Phantom for PBS: Save 20 minutes of QA time each day!

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Images and Videos

  • Commissioning of Particle Therapy - Dr. Ding, Beaumont Health
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    Scan monolayer & SOBP measurements

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  • Lynx PT.png

    Lynx PT

    Highest Accuracy and Speed for Daily Machine Parameter Verification.

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    DigiPhant PT

    Fast 2D and 3D measurement for Patient QA in Water

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    Faster, more Accurate Relative Dosimetry for TPS Commissioning.

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    myQA Platform

    Your All-in-One, All Connected, All Secure Global QA Platform.

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    myQA Cloud

    Benchmark your data for full trust in your results.

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    Single-shot bragg peak measurement

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