Scan monolayer & SOBP measurements

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Key Benefits

  • Fast and efficient set-up
  • Verification of the single as well as modulated peak in only one measurement
  • Ionization chamber detectors
  • Simultaneous read-out of all chambers
  • High resolution: 2 mm detector spacing along the beam axis
Zebra_treatment room with physicist_highres .JPG (2)

3x Faster Commissioning of Your Particle Therapy Rooms

Water equivalent material for equivalent scattering properties

Measure ranges with an accuracy of 0.5 mm compared to measurements in water (Bortfeld fit)


Small 2.5 cm diameter electrodes

Save up to three hours compared to a single SOBP reconstruction using a water tank (for scanned beams)

Acquire monolayers and dose cubes with a single irradiation

Images and Videos

  • Efficiency & Safety in Proton Therapy QA: Zebra

Mr Slopsema (M.S.) Medical Physicist

At UFPTI, we were very fortunate to have access to a prototype MLIC* during the commissioning of the uniform scanning treatment mode. We found the device to be extremely stable and easy to use, speeding up the process tremendously. In addtion to handling the passive scattering requirements, the MLIC* has the unique ability to perform the commissioning for dynamic beam delievery techniques. We are so confident in the efficiency and reliability of the MLIC* that we plan to establish our future QA procedures around using the MLIC* device from IBA." *working title of Zebra

Tae Kyu Lee Medical Physicist

"The use of Zebra reduces the overall time of the commissioning and depth dose measurements in patient specific QA process down to about 10% of time that would have been needed with standard water phantom."

Farid Goudjil Head of Medical Physics

"Thanks to Zebra and the Sphinx, daily QA at Orsay is done within 15 minutes. myQA is not only used for daily QA but also for weekly QA and monthly QA both in Pencil Beam Scanning and Double Scattering treatment modes. myQA has given us the ability to have all the machine QA data."