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IBA Dosimetry - who we are

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of integrated and innovative solutions for Quality Assurance (QA), calibration procedures, as well as services and trainings that maximize efficiency and patient safety in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging.

Both in radiation therapy and medical imaging applications, radiation has to be applied wisely and carefully. In medical imaging, the goal is to minimize the imaging radiation dose given to the patient while improving image quality. In radiation therapy, the goal is to focus a high dose of cancer-killing radiation with pinpoint accuracy on the tumor mass, while sparing healthy tissues. IBA Dosimetry is the leading partner of over 10000 healthcare professionals to ensure better diagnosis and safer patient treatments. All-in-One. All Connected. All Secure.

Leading Innovations in Quality Assurance

Through cutting-edge innovations, IBA Dosimetry has a long history of advancing Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy, Proton Therapy as well as in Medical Imaging. As we continue on this path, we are convinced that three drivers are essential to further innovate QA:

  • Independence of QA Solutions
  • Convergence of Machine QA and Patient QA
  • Smart synthesis of these four QA pillars:
    Measurement, Integration, Automation, and Prediction

Discover our innovation drivers

Innovating and Evolving QA Shine a new light on Quality Assurance 4 Pillars

Join us in the fight against cancer

Innovating to protect, enhance and save lives! IBA Dosimetry has worldwide recognition in its field by developing and supplying the world's top healthcare institutions with the most precise, efficient, and reliable Quality Assurance solutions that make a difference for thousands of cancer patients. If you are passionate, fighting, and cause-driven, you can make this quest yours.

Send us your application today. Because every day counts in the fight against cancer, make a move that will make a difference.

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IBA Dosimetry Hale Ceylar Testimonial

IBA Dosimetry user about patient safety

“Patient safety means a lot for us as physicians and medical physicists. Today, we are applying more and more precision radiation therapy using highly advanced treatment systems, and with very high treatment doses to very accurately defined tumor volumes. With cutting-edge quality assurance and dosimetry solutions and processes as well as with risk assessments we have the means to know how we are going to treat each patient precisely and safely before we switch on the beam.”  

Hale Başak Çağlar
Prof. Dr. Radiation Oncology
Anadolu Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

IBA Dosimetry Dierl & Müller

Together we can offer the best in customer care

“As a physicist the patients safety is my main objective while treating them. IBA’s QA equipment and advanced training provides me with the security to deliver the best treatment quality available.”

Right side: PhD. Matthias Dierl, Chief Medical Physicist (Radiation Therapy, MVZ Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH, Germany)
Left side: Dr. Lutz Müller, Senior Physicist & Director ICC


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Quality Management at IBA Dosimetry

At IBA Dosimetry we are committed to develop, install and maintain safe, robust and compliant products for our customers worldwide. To achieve that and to be compliant with the worldwide regulatory requirements, we have established a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO13485:2016, FDA 21 CFR Part 820 and various other legal, regulatory and normative requirements.
Besides ensuring compliance, our Quality Management System enables us to focus on the quality of our products and to continuously improve and serve our customers even better.

Download the ISO Certificates:    

Download the IBA-Dosimetry Code of Conduct

IBA Dosimetry Quality

Our accreditations & awards

With over 10000 users worldwide, IBA Dosimetry is the market leader in providing healthcare professionals with high-end quality assurance solutions to measure and analyze the imaging and treatment doses received by patients.

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