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Patient-Specific QA in Proton PBS: Past, Present, & Future

This talk was presented during the PTCOG 2020 Online Congress (Vendor Session).

Learn about advanced patient-specific QA solution myQA iON that is based on PT irradiation logs and Monte Carlo simulation.

Marc Blakey, MS, DABR.VP of Medical Physics & Treatment Planning.
Provision CARES Proton Therapy Centers, USA.
3 min. (open access preview)12 min. (full presentation, members)

Sphinx Compact for PBS Daily QA in Proton Therapy

This talk was presented during the PTCOG 2020 Online Congress (Vendor Session).

Learn about published requirements for Pencil Beam Scanning Daily QA. Understand the clinical implementation of the TG224 compliant Sphinx Compact solution for efficient and accurate tests and analysis in myQA.

Suresh Rana, MS, DABR.Director of Medical Physics & Dosimetry.
The Oklahoma Proton Center, USA.
5 min. (open access preview)16 min. (full presentation, members)

Advanced QA technology drive ease, speed, and precision in Proton Therapy

Methods and requirements to increase machine and patient specific QA efficiency as well as the precision in Proton Therapy.

Mark Pankuch, PhD DABRDirector of Medical Physics and Dosimetry,
Northwestern Chicago Proton Center, USA
5 min. (open access preview)14 min. (full presentation, members)

Clinical Commissioning of Proton Therapy

Learn how William Beaumont clinically commissioned their Proton Therapy system.


Dr. Ding, Lead Medical PhysicistWilliam Beaumont Proton Beam Therapy, USA
5 min. (open access preview)19 min. (full presentation, members)

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