First Monte Carlo Patient QA SciMoCa in China

The first Monte Carlo patient QA solution is now installed: We congratulate the team at the Chongqing Cancer Hospital for being the first site using the most advanced SciMoCa solution for making their Patient Plan QA more accurate and more efficient. The team received expert training from IBA Dosimetry and have now the first system ready for more accurate and faster patient QA for their Varian Edge, IX and TomoTherapy systems.

IBA Dosimetry Fu.Jin China testimonial


“Routine QA work caused a lot of duplication of plan verification work and serious waste of physics resources! Our new SciMoCa 3D patient QA can perfectly model the PDD, profile and other dose curves for our different types of accelerators, verifying the radiotherapy plans by using a golden standard Monte Carlo algorithm for the independent secondary dose calculation and 3D patient QA. Using comparative DVH it is capable to detect deviation of the target area and organs at risk, and calculate the gamma passing rate of the plan. The whole verification is a simple process and takes only 2-3 minutes to complete the plan verification QA work. SciMoCa greatly improves the efficiency of our radiotherapy quality control.”           

Dr. Jin Fu, Chief Medical Physicist, Chongqing Cancer Hospital


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