New film-class resolution digital detector for SRS

IBA Dosimetry Resolution Matters image

IBA Dosimetry introduced myQA SRS at the ASTRO Online 2020.

The solution is designed for SRS / SBRT patient QA.

  • The build-in solid-state detector enables the measurement resolution equivalent of film QA. This overcomes limitations of other diode or ionization chamber based SRS detectors that provide limited resolution and can therefore cause false QA results: A. Bruschi Detector resolution affects the clinical significance of SBRT QA. Find link to Publication here.).
  • myQA SRS is also designed for high efficiency. The digital detector array and myQA software enable fast measurement an verification workflows.

Treat more SRS/SBRT patients safely and with the confidence it’s done right.

Visit the solution webpage:


Watch the launch demo presented at ASTRO Online 2020  



* myQA SRS is currently not available for sale in the USA. The product may not be available in your area. For availability, please contact your local IBA Dosimetry Sales organization.

IBA Dosimetry Presentation S Kos