New Released: myQA Daily and SMARTSCAN Software

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Halo  Scene & Software


New Released: myQA SMARTSCAN® and myQA Accept software version 2020-001

  • myQA SMARTSCAN is now enabling optimized beam scanning automation and user guidance for the Varian® Halcyon™1
  • The new myQA Accept / myQA SMARTSCAN version is now supporting Electrons and the TPS Raystation. The most trusted beam scanning software is the perfect tool for your commissioning and to QA your machine no matter what planning system you are using or energy your machine is capable of.


IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Daily Screen Data


New Released: myQA Daily Software Version 2

The new released myQA Daily Software is offering enhancements like Dose Output in Gy, optional secondary approval, dark mode settings, and much more. The morning linac QA is even further improved and optimized with the new release.

Highlighs and new functionalities

  • Support of Windows Edge Chromium
  • Different themes – light/dark/blue
  • Temperature in Celsius or Kelvin
  • Optional secondary approval
  • Output constancy in dose (cGy)
  • Display of 1D profiles and 2D map
  • Duplicate machine function
  • Export of measured data
  • Integration into myQA Machines
  • Multi language now support additional languages (Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian)



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