The future of Patient QA is here! - New high resolution detector arrays released

IBA Dosimetry reveals the power of SRS and IMRT / VMAT with
myQA® SRS and MatriXX Resolution

iba dosimetry - myqa matriXX and SRS


We are delighted to announce that the future of Patient QA is here and ready for you! 
You and your clinic will gain time savings and confidence in your Patient QA treatment process with these exciting new solutions. 

The power of SRS revealed! Fully utilize the capabilities of your Linac with the tool that enables more precise QA delivered in less time – myQA® SRS. 
Treat your SRS and SBRT patients without the restrictions of low-resolution arrays and high-effort film QA, and with the same peace of mind as your VMAT/IMRT treatment methods. 

  • 0.4 mm film-class resolution
  • 12x14 cm² largest SRS active detector area
  • Digital detector workflow as easy as your IMRT QA 

Highest resolution for IMRT & VMAT Patient QA! Experience the new benchmark for your IMRT and VMAT QA accuracy and efficiency with the MatriXX Resolution™

  • 6.5 mm spacing
  • 1,521 ionization chambers 
  • Battery powered, wireless design

The future of your Patient QA is here. Discover now!



Also New: The latest release of the myQA Software

We are excited to inform you about the new release of the new myQA.  This powerful software is the basis to run myQA SRS, MatriXX Resolution, and much more.

Discover the new myQA software features
in the Release Bulletin

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