I'mRT Phantom

The phantom solution for IMRT

The I’mRT Phantom is a water equivalent phantom for multiple film measurements and verification of the absolute dose. The flexible I’mRT Phantom can be used as Universal Body phantom, Head & Neck phantom, and for Stereotactic applications.

  • Unique Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for Film, Absolute Dosimetry and TLD
  • Intuitive, easy and fast adjustment under Linac in and CT scanners
  • Composed of RW3 material
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Universal Body verification

  • Supporting simultaneous exposure of up to 15 films

  • Compare film dose distribution with planned TPS dose in myQA Patients

Head & Neck / Stereotactic verification

  • Contains removable cubic phantom1 specifically designed for Head and Neck and Stereotactic applications

  • Engraved markers help to easily position and adjust phantom under the Linac and in CT scanner

  • Up to 15 films of max size of 16 cm X 16 cm can be simultaneously positioned in transversal, coronal or sagittal orientation

Absolute dose verification

  • In combination with Dose 1
  • Different types of ionization chambers can be inserted at all points in the cubic phantom within 1 cm grid


  • Localizer plates for the use of the cubic phantom in a CT scanner

  • TLD plates (up to 196 TLD detector rods) to be inserted in the cubic phantom

  • Film adapter and adapter plates ensuring accurate irradiation

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