IBA Dosimetry Product Proton matrixx one header

MatriXX PT

Efficient and precise Patient and Machine QA

  • Save up to 3 hours compared to a single SOBP reconstruction using water tank in PBS
  • Acquire Monolayer and Dose cubes with a single radiation
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IBA Dosimetry Product Proton matrixx one header
IBA Dosimetry Product Proton matrixx one header
  • Water equivalent material for equivalent scattering properties
  • Safe time with reduced effort to correct data at TPS level
  • Verify the full clinical range up to 230MeV
  • Unique multi-layer ionization chamber design
  • Verify the TPS library periodically without setting up your water tank

Technical specs

MatriXX PT Detector

  • Sensor type: Vented parallel ion chamber
  • Number of sensors: 1020, arranged in a 32 × 32 grid
  • Active measurement: area 24,4 cm × 24,4 cm
  • Chamber diameter: 4.20 mm
  • Chamber height: 2.00 mm
  • Chamber volume: 0.032 cm3
  • Distance between chambers: 7.619 mm
  • Nominal sensitivity: 1.3 nC/Gy
  • Outer dimensions: 560 × 60 × 320 mm (l × h × w)
  • Weight: 10.5 kg


  • Maximum dose rate: 20 Gy/min
  • Minimum dose rate: 0.02 Gy/min
  • Maximum sensor current: 100 nA
  • Minimum. sensor current: 600 pA
  • Bias voltage: 500 ± 30 V
  • Effective point of measurement: 3 mm below of surface, indicated by an engraved marker on the side of the housing
  • Absorber material on top: ABS (density 1.06 g/cm3)
  • Water equivalent depth: 3.2 mm
  • Minimum sampling period: 20 ms

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