The miniPhantom is a solid phantom used for the treatment plan verification with the MatriXX Evolution, MatriXXFFF detector, film, and ionization chambers. It allows to simulate measurements at a certain material depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy setup
  • High-end RW3 material (water equivalent for the RT treatment energy range)
  • Rounded elliptical shape ideal for rotational QA
  • Reproducible position of the MatriXX and film
  • FC65 farmer chamber insert for absolute dose and for calibration of film and the MatriXX

The miniPhantom is available in two options, basic or with insert set. Measurements with film and Farmer Chamber require the insert set.

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The miniPhantom for MatriXX Detector Measurements

  • miniPhantom in combination with the MatriXX detectors are compatible with Conventional & IMRT treatments, VMAT / RapidArc®, and FFF Beams

  • Ideal solution for rotational treatment machines like Varian Halcyon and TomoTherapy®
  • Designed to perfectly house the detector side of the MatriXX devices in a reproducible test setup
  • Fast setup for efficient Patient QA measurements with the MatriXX detector (MatriXX FFF and MatriXX Evolution)
  • Easy handling: Split design minimizes phantom weight. 4 clips quickly secure the miniPhantom and hold the MatriXX precisely in position
  • Easy isocenter setup of the MatriXX detectors using the corresponding markers
  • MatriXX output calibration for absolute dose through comparison with the farmer-type chamber measurement

The miniPhantom for Film-Based QA

  • Film insert for precise indexed positioning of the insert inside the miniPhantom at the same position as the MatriXX detector
  • Customized for Gafchromic films
  • The film insert is removable to open a cavity to insert MatriXX detectors

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