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Phantoms for Patient QA

Phantoms for Patient QA

Phantoms for the MatriXX detector array and film dosimetry offer an efficient and cost effective solution for 2D patient QA.

IBA Dosimetry Miniphantom


The MiniPhantom is the ideal solution for fast and efficient 2D patient QA.


  • Fast and easy setup
  • High-end material RW3
  • Reproducible position of the MatriXX and film
  • Ideal phantom shape for rotational treatments
  • Compatible with Varian Halcyon and Tomotherpy

MULTICube Phantom

The MULTICube supports multiple configurations and can accommodate the MatriXX detector, films, or ion chambers. Support of IMRT and Rotational Therapy QA.


  • Efficient way to validate the dose under parameters mirroring those of the patient during treatment.
  • MULTICube combined with MatriXX detectors and myQA Patients software is the smart solution for all dynamic applications.
  • Multiple setup configurations in 5 cm increments allow to physically position the measurement plane of the MatriXX at a point in the phantom material that will resemble its position in the patient. The MULTICube allows positioning of the MatriXX in different depths vertically by raising the measurement plane off the couch by up to 20 cm.
  • Removable film cassette with registration points for independent film verification at same measurement plane as the MatriXX detector.
IBA Dosimetry Mxx

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