GRID³ᴰ Image Distortion Analysis System

The QUASAR™ GRID³ᴰ Image Distortion Analysis System is designed to evaluate MR and CT imaging data on Leksell Gamma Knife® platforms, including PERFEXION™ and ICON™.

Understanding the integrity of your system’s spatial accuracy provides you the confidence of accurate and precise delivery of Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery. Use the valuable data obtained using GRID³ᴰ to optimize imaging sequences and manage image distortion on your planning systems.

“What I like about the QUASAR™ GRID³ᴰ system is the simplicity of its design and operation. In a matter of minutes I can obtain a full 3D distribution of geometric distortion. Fine-tuning an MR sequence is now an efficient undertaking, as opposed to a nearly endless chore of phantom preparation and image analysis.”

– Ian Paddick, Consultant Physicist, Medical Physics Limited

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