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Monte Carlo Accuracy

Why Monte Carlo Plan QA? How will SciMoCa improve daily QA work?

  • Accuracy Ensured.
    Monte Carlo QA dose calculation accuracy
  • Performance Ensured.
    Workflow efficient and automated 3D dose calculations in < 2 minutes*
  • Confidence Ensured. 
    Independent QA of the whole treatment planning process

SciMoCa establishes a new standard for accuracy in secondary dose check and independent plan QA. SciMoCa is powered by the accuracy of Monte Carlo dose calculations. It identifies TPS dose errors and discrepancies with minimal effort and provides instantaneous feedback regarding treatment plan quality and achievement of planning objectives. SciMoCa utilizes a best-in-class Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm with an outstanding academic pedigree to assure the quality of your QA. Enhance the quality of your treatment planning and patient QA with the accuracy of Monte Carlo.


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IBA Dosimetry SciMoCa
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IBA Dosimetry Webinar SciMoCA Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo QA Accuracy – Physics and Clinical Experience with SciMoCa Patient QA

In this webinar the physics and clinical implementation of Monte Carlo dose check and plan QA will be discussed.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus Alber
Section for Medical Physics, Department of Radiation Oncology, Heidelberg University Hospital

Ph.D. Christoph Fuerweger
Head of Medical Physics, European Cyberknife Center

Watch here

Monte Carlo Calculation Speed

“SciMoCa offers an impressive calculation speed – a full 3D dose calculated by a Monte Carlo dose engine within minutes! In addition, the Plan QA process is automated. Once we sent the final DICOM plan from the TPS, SciMoCa automatically performs the Monte Carlo calculation and analysis of our plans which is very valuable in a busy RT department.“

M.Sc. Nadir Kucuk
Head of Medical Physics, Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey
Center of Excellence for Accuray and in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Hospital, US

IBA Dosimetry Client M.Sc. Nadir Kucuk Monte Carlo Calculation Speed

The SciMoCa workflow

What if your Patient QA could provide …
… the accuracy of Monte Carlo?
… time saving and automation?
… confidence in your whole TPS process?

Watch the 4 minute video to see the efficient and accurate
SciMoCa Monte-Carlo Patient QA workflow. 

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Accuracy


SciMoCa achieves an accuracy of < 1% and matches the precision of top-tier algorithms such as Varian´s® Acuros® 1) and Accuray´s Precision® 1) Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo calculation provides dose to medium and dose to water. This accuracy is achieved due to the quality of this Monte Carlo implementation in addition to a custom machine-specific Linac beam model. This model is generated for the customer using proprietary processes and dedicated expert tools, backed by extensive expertise.

Monte Carlo. Unlimited.

SciMoCa supports all major RT treatment machines:

  • All C-Gantry based conventional Linacs from Elekta™, Siemens®, and Varian®.1)
  • CyberKnife® (cones, Iris, and MLC).1)
  • TomoTherapy® 1)
  • Varian® Halcyon™ / Ethos™ 1)

SciMoCa supports all treatment planning systems that provide DICOM export.

SciMoCa supports a wide range of treatment techniques such as 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS, and CyberKnife® treatments.

IBA Dosimetry All Linacs SciMoCa

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Monte Carlo

Calculation Speed: Monte Carlo calculations & results in < 2 min*

SciMoCa provides the full overview to indicate whether the treatment plan is within constraints or not. The impressive speed of the Monte Carlo engine for full 3D dose calculations is due to the algorithm making optimal use of modern hardware architecture. The outstanding performance is enabled through the fast dose engine, background calculation, and automation of the workflow.

*SciMoCa Monte Carlo calculation is typically performed in < 2 minutes and can vary depending on several factors.

Towards real-time Monte Carlo dose computation

ESTRO 2019 Poster: M.Alber et.al. Department of Radiation Oncology, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg; Scientific RT  

Read more

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Monte Carlo Towards Real Time

SciMoCa™ secondary dose check & plan QA – Prof. M Alber

Watch Prof. Markus Alber, Medical Physicist at University of Heidelberg, Germany, speaking during AAPM 2018 at the IBA booth. Learn about the Monte Carlo algorithm and benefits of SciMoCa™ 1) for secondary dose check and plan QA. 

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Workflow

Automated Workflow — Application Simplicity — Quality Outcome


    Treatment plans are simply exported from the TPS via DICOM to the SciMoCa dose calculation server. Then SciMoCa starts the Monte Carlo calculation automatically. The patient worklist is automatically updated to keep the user informed about the current QA status of each patient plan.

    SciMoCa provides automatic evaluation of dose calculation results based on customizable protocols and plan quality measures for both target volumes and OARs. This allows users to evaluate plan quality as well as identify dose discrepancies based on user-defined dose-difference thresholds.

    DVHs for the treatment plan as well as the independent SciMoCa dose distribution are compared in the comparative DVH section. The software allows individual selection of structures for the DVH display, thereby enabling a detailed and focused evaluation of relevant ROIs.

    SciMoCa includes a slice viewer to visualize the TPS dose, SciMoCa-recalculated Monte Carlo dose, and Gamma analysis on individual CT slices. The 3D viewer permits detecting dose discrepancies on the patient anatomy level.

NEW: Monte Carlo Patient QA Accuracy now for Varian® Halcyon™ 1)

SciMoCa Monte Carlo patient QA now enables fast and efficient Quality Assurance accuracy for the Varian® Halcyon™ therapy systems. See a typical SciMoCa Patient Report for Halcyon™ 1):  

Patient Report


IBA Dosimetry  Product imRT Phantom radiation electronic

Optional: Add QA Measurements to your Monte Carlo Dose Calculation

  • Complement your efficient Monte Carlo dose calculation workflow with selective measurements as needed and when required.
  • Clearly identify the source of errors outside of the treatment planning process and data flow.
  • The IBA Dosimetry Head & Neck Phantom offers full flexibility for film and ionization chamber measurements.
  • Ideal for CyberKnife® 1: The combination of dose calculation and measurements perfectly address specific high-resolution QA needs such as CyberKnife® 1) applications.
  • Watch the SciMoCa CyberKnife® 1 webinar on the webinar page

Discover the Head & Neck Phantom for complementary QA Measurements

Read more

Plan QA Reimbursement Guide

Please download the SciMoCa Reimbursement guidelines for the USA.

Read more

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Monte Carlo Plan QA Reimbursement


Monte Carlo Accuracy with High Pass Rates

“SciMoCa’s Monte Carlo accuracy allows us to use very tight plan evaluation criteria of 2%/1mm Gamma. Nonetheless, we still see consistently high pass rates of >95%. Based on our clinical experience with more than 150 patient plans, SciMoCa offers the specificity and sensitivity to capture the real errors.”

Ph.D. Christoph Fuerweger
Head of Medical Physics / European Cyberknife Center,
Munich, Germany


End Benefit

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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product SciMoCa Slice Viewer

Monte Carlo Patient QA - SciMoCa™ Product Webinar
Watch this solution overview presentation for SciMoCa™ Monte Carlo patient QA. Learn about the accuracy of Monte Carlo, the machine-specific beam model, automated workflow, the comprehensive analysis & reporting, and more.


See the efficiency and accuracy of SciMoCa: Monte-Carlo dose calculation accuracy. Workflow efficient and automated 3D dose calculation in less then 2 minutes. Independent QA of the whole RT TPS process.

Watch Prof. Markus Alber, Medical Physicist at University of Heidelberg, Germany, speaking during AAPM 2018 at the IBA booth. Learn about the Monte Carlo algorithm and benefits of SciMoCa™ for secondary dose check and plan QA. 

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