Save 20 minutes of QA time each day!

<10 min PBS QA without compromising accuracy


  • Single entry into the treatment room for all measurements
  • Intuitive and integrated myQA software

Most Accurate

  • Detect deviation early and ensure maximum machine uptime
  • Visual pass/fail analysis
  • myQA guides through the QA in a straightforward and efficient manner

Most Reliable

  • Unique workflow integrates all your QA needs
  • Ready for TG-224
  • Your easy solution to verify the most important beam and imaging parameters

Gain 20 minutes of QA time

  • Complete your tests in less than 10 min
  • Treat one more patient each day
  • Only one single entry into the treatment room is necessary to perform for all required measurements

Unrivaled QA workflow efficiency

  • Intuitive, integrated myQA software for a comprehensive and efficient workflow

Combine with Lynx PT scintillation detector
and myQA Sphinx plug-in

Sphinx can be securely positioned on the couch for complete daily QA in one single setup. It can be mounted with Lynx, the high-resolution scintillator based sensor.

Analyze the machine parameters comprehensively in myQA

  • Visual pass-fail analysis
  • Trend analysis: detect deviations early and ensure maximum machine uptime
  • Straightforward myQA efficiently guides you through the QA
  • Save all your QA data in a central database

Complete check of all your key parameters

  • 4 energies
  • Spots sigma & position
  • Output
  • Isocenter and x-ray to beam coincidence
  • Lasers
  • Profile homogenity
  • Uniformity
  • Couch translation


  • Absolute dose measurement with high-quality reference chamber and electrometer

    Sphinx Brochure
    (406.40 KB)