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Benefit from IBA's Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory’s wide range of calibration services for equipment in radiation therapy & diagnostic radiology.

  • SSDL Calibration Service: High level calibrations with certified accuracy
  • Stay compliant with standards and regulations
  • Ensure accuracy of your patient and machine QA
  • Highest patient safety of your measurement devices
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Calibration Service for Radiation Therapy QA devices

The Dosimetry Laboratory of IBA Dosimetry offers you calibrations of Dosimeters & Detectors used in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging, Electrometers for low range DC current and charge measurements, and Metrological control for ⁶⁰Co irradiations as well as LINAC therapy centers.

We offer SSDL calibrations internationally recognized by law and with documented traceability to the primary standards. Therefore our calibrations are on the leading edge of achievable accuracy.

Download more information about IBA SSDL calibration services:

Calibration Services for Medical Imaging QA devices

IBA also offers calibration services for our medical imaging QA Equipment. 
Contact your IBA service department for more information and a customized offer.

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