Multi-modality linear fiducial marker for efficient MR/CT fusion and IGRT

VISICOILTM MR is made out of platium, for optimal visibility in MR, CT and ultrasound imaging.

See it!

  • Enhanced MR visibility = Faster MR registration and visualization
  • Helical design offers excellent ultrasound imaging
  • Visible under multiple imaging modalities to meet all your imaging needs
  • Traditional Hollow Core = Minimal Artifact on both CT & MRI

Trust it!

  • Stable marker localization from implant through treatment VISICOIL proven patented design
  • Helical coil and flexible design fixates marker in target tissue
  • Minimally invasive design allows for atraumatic placement

Treat it!

  • Thin Needle Design = less pain, edema, bleeding, more comfort & safety
  • Smaller needle path increases marker stability
  • Linear Design = Less needles = Less measuring = Faster implantation
  • Efficient, consistent, and reliable daily treatment set up
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Ideal for multi-modality applications

Visicoil MR is visible in MR, CT and ultrasound images.

Ideal for image fusion

Visicoil MR is visible in picture from different modalities. This allows the reliable overlay of those different pictures, leveraging the benefits of the the different imaging devices.

Available sizes

Visicoil MR is available in the diameters

  • 0.35mm
  • 0.50mm
  • 0.75mm
  • 1.00mm

Visicoil is available in the length

  • 0.5cm
  • 1.0cm

Available preloaded in needles or loose

Visicoil MR

Dr. Leonard Avruch
Department of Medical Imaging (Retired) / University of Ottawa

Gold and Platinum have nearly identical high radiodensities, and are easily seen and tracked by X-ray based imaging. Gold is difficult to see on MRI, whereas Platinum has greater magnetic susceptibility, producing just the right signal void to be readily visible on MRI.

Platinum is the ideal fiducial material.

Visicoil MR
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