IBA Dosimetry Product Visicoil


VISICOIL™ is the original flexible linear fiducial marker for use with today’s most accurate image guided radiotherapy treatment plans.

See it!

  • Helical design offers excellent ultrasound imaging
  • Traditional Hollow Core = Minimal Artifact on both CT

Trust it!

  • Stable marker localization from implant through treatment VISICOIL proven patented design
  • Helical coil and flexible design fixates marker in target tissue
  • Minimally invasive design allows for atraumatic placement

Treat it!

  • Thin Needle Design = less pain, edema, bleeding, more comfort & safety
  • Smaller needle path increases marker stability
  • Linear Design = Less needles = Less measuring = Faster implantation
  • Efficient, consistent, and reliable daily treatment set up
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