Advance your existing Blue Phantom 2 now
for your next Commissioning and Annual QA

  • Excellent quality and faster beam scanning with the Stealth Reference Chamber

  • One-minute leveling with visual validation with the unique Leveling Pins

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Stealth Chamber

Stealth Reference Chamber

Superior beam data quality and measurement time savings ​

  • Noise free data​: Best-in-class, perturbation-free reference chamber directly in the beam.
  • Ideal for SRS/SBRT fields: Superior reference signal even for field sizes down to 0.5 x 0.5cm²​.
  • Mounted in 15 seconds: Accessory holder mount for easy, fast, and ​reproducible setup.
  • Faster workflow: Eliminate need for manual reference chamber re-positioning in the bunker.
IBA Dosimetry SMARTSCAN pin

1-Minute Leveling. Visually Verified.

Super-fast, intuitive, and precise 4-point interactive micro leveling.

  • Faster and more accurate than automated setup.
  • Confidence in your leveling accuracy through visual check of the pins.
  • Eliminate time needed for redundancy checks required by automated setup procedures.
  • Detect leveling inaccuracies and water evaporation at any time until the end of your commissioning.


Let’s discuss your personal Water Phantom upgrade for more efficiency and accuracy

Upgrade and Advance your Blue Phantom 2 now!

Contact your IBA Dosimetry experts now and make your Beam Commissioning and Annual QA faster and more accurate with the unique Stealth Reference Chamber and Pins for one-minute leveling.

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