CT-IQ phantom

Optimizing the performance of computed tomography systems

IBA CT-IQ is a professional-grade CT phantom for conducting acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with IEC 61223-3-5 and the AAPM guidelines, ensuring reliable and accurate result. Its versatile design allows for precise alignment for measurements both on and off the CT table, providing the necessary flexibility to suit a range of testing scenarios.

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  1. Consists of several test modules placed inside a cylindrical container that can be mounted either directly on a holder of the CT table or on an adjustable stand
  2. Main module contains a PMMA section with an array of holes 2 mm in diameter, 10 mm deep, placed at 10 mm intervals
  3. Clear markings and leveling aids that simplify the positioning process
  4. Adjustable in two dimensions
    • Positioning stand for on and off table measurements
    • Carrying case
    • CE certified

Can be used to test

  • Geometric distortion
  • CT number (HU)
  • measurement
  • Noise / Uniformity
  • Artefacts
  • MTF
  • CNR
  • Spatial resolution
  • Spatial resolution in Z dimension
  • Contrast resolution
  • low contrast resolution
  • Slice profile
  • Alignment
  • Linearity
  • Beamwidth

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Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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