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COMPASS Patient Dose QA

2-in-1 Plan Verification Solution. Calculation-based TPS Check and Measurement-based Delivery Check.

Have the choice to measure your plan or to simply re-calculate! Maximum efficiency for standard, and the most complex treatment verification!


Maximize Efficiency

  • Highest QA efficiency based on TPS check plan re-calculation for standard cases, such as prostates allow you to skip plan measurements.
  • Immediate and automatic "FAIL" alert for missed prescription doses or Gamma.
  • No time-consuming hybrid TPS plan required - compared to phantom-based solutions.
  • Fast and convenient access to your QA data: patient file management flexibility with SQL database & client/server installation or stand-alone SQL Express.
  • Automatic PTV & OAR analysis based on your clinical protocol.
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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product COMPASS Brain Case

Minimize Errors

  • Highest QA accuracy based on real Linac output measurements for complex cases such as head and neck. Verify your entire treatment chain!
  • Patient CT based dose calculation provides the accurate dose and DVH for clinically relevant verification.
  • Overcome phantom uncertainties with TPS-class dose calculation in 3D and 4D, based on real measurements or as a secondary TPS re-calculation.
  • Verify the patient plan with a complete understanding of the clinical relevance of dose discrepancies and necessary corrective action.
  • High accuracy through independent Collapsed Cone dose calculation in collaboration with RaySearch Laboratories.


Accuracy counts! Modern treatment planning systems use advanced dose algorithms. Why would a clinician rely on a rudimentary dose algorithm for plan verification? COMPASS provides highest RTPS class accuracy dose calculation for CT and DVH, allowing you to make safety critical decisions.

  • 2-in-1 plan verification solution: Calculate (TPS Check) and/or Measure (Delivery Check).
  • Automatic Verification of your Gamma for a visual “pass” or “evaluate” in seconds.
  • Ultimate QA workflow efficiency: save 20 min!
  • Verify the plan in 3D patient anatomy and understand the impact of dose discrepancies.
End Benefit


A unique system comprised of a beam model and a dose engine verifies the beam delivery through the treatment planning chain. The system verifies the segments of the IMRT fields individually, fitting the beam model calculations to the measurements (in case the transmission detector or MatriXX is used). Then a 3D dose reconstruction in the patient anatomy is performed on plan CT using a collapsed cone algorithm. The result is compared to the TPS using modern analysis tools.

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Compass

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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product COMPASS
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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product COMPASS Brain Case
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product COMPASS 3D Software
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