IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx

MagicMaX Universal

MagicMaX Universal
Beam QA for all X-ray modalities

Solution for all needs in beam verification, including advanced MagicMaX Software for fast and complete dose measurement overview.

USB- plug & play allows fast and seamless workflow with ONE minute setup time.

The Multimeter is designed according to IEC 61674 & IEC 61676.

With Conformity Statement for German acceptance tests.

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    IBA Dosimetry magicmax universal
    Begin Benefit

    MagicMaX Universal - Beam QA for all X-ray modalities

    MagicMaX Universal

    USB powered system to be used with PC/Laptop.

    MagicMaX Software

    Clear & structured design gives you a fast total overview as well as a comprehensive expert level detailed view. The various options of Excel® exporting grants fast and easy reporting.

    MagicMaX Current Probe (mAs – Probe)

    For measurements of the tube current with unique combination of invasive and non-invasive and comprehensive analysis with MagicMaX software.

    MagicMax Current Probe IBA Dosimetry

    Illuminance detector MM-LS

    Light output measurements of image intensifiers and viewing boxes.

    MagicMax Current illuminance Detector Dosimetry

    Multidetector XR

    For quality checks and acceptance tests at Radiography, Fluoroscopy & Dental Radiography. (Parameters: Dose / dose rate, Dose per pulse, kVp / PPV, Time, Total filtration, Half Value Layer (HVL), Waveform)

    MagicMax Current Multi Detector Dosimetry

    Multidetector XM

    For quality checks and acceptance tests at Mammography. (Parameters: Dose / dose rate, Dose per pulse, kVp / PPV, Time, Total filtration, Half value layer (HVL), Waveform)

    MagicMax Current Multi Detector XM Dosimetry

    10XF-3CT Ionization chamber

    Ionization chamber for CT applications for determination of dose length product (DLP), dose and calculation of the CTDIw/ CTDIvol

    Solid State Detector RQA

    For quality checks at radiographic, fluoroscopic and dental X-ray units, 50 - 150 kV. 

    MagicMax Solid State Detector Dosimetry

    Solid State Detector RQM

    For quality checks in mammography, 25 - 35 kV.

    MagicMax Solid State Detector RQM Dosimetry

    Dual Connector

    • Connect a second dose detector to the MagicMaX Universal to simultaneously measure entrance and exit doses.
    • Flexibly exchange detectors to have full freedom to setup your MagicMaX Universal to your changing test needs.
    IBA Dosimetry magicmax universal connection

    Comprehensive Analysis

    • Simultaneous measurements and display of kVp, PPV, time, dose, dose rate, filtration and more...
    • Scope type waveforms / real waveform supported
    IBA Dosimetry magicmax universal Screen

    Microsoft Excel export

    With the embedded Excel export, the user can fulfill regulatory needs as well as execute in-depth performance analyses by using the predefined templates or by easily creating customized measurement procedures.

    IBA Dosimetry magicmax universal Set

    Time saving

    Plug and play, 1 minute fast setup

    One-shot full QA

    Beam & image verification in one x-ray:
    micro footprint detector for unobstructed test plate

    One solution for all modalities

    Radiography / Fluoro / Mammo / CT

    Advanced Software

    Fast total overview as well as comprehensive expert level
    detail and reporting

    Fast 1 Minute Workflow of MagicMaX

    See the MagicMaX 1 minute QA workflow:
    Set-up, measurement, and verification of all the imaging dose parameters with highest efficiency.

    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx XR

    Fully modular and expandable MagicMaX tools

    Multi-Detector XR

    Multi-Detector is used with the MagicMaX Universal
    for 40 - 150 kV radiography and fluoroscopy.

    The small footprint detector has 2 marked active areas:
    one for dose, dose rate, dose/ puls and time and
    the other one for kVp, PPV, Half Value
    Layer, and total filtration.

    Multi-Detector XM

    Multi-Detector is to be used with the MagicMaX Universal
    in kV a range of 21 - 49 kV and for following Target-Filter
    Combinations: Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, W/Rh, W/Ag.

    The small footprint detector has 2 marked active areas, one
    for dose, dose rate, dose/puls and time and the other one for
    kVp, PPV, Half Value Layer, and total filtration.

    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx XM

    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx current probe

    MagicMaX Current Probe

    For invasive and non-invasive measurements of the tube current in combination
    with MagicMaX Universal Multimeter.

    MagicMaX Illuminance Detector MM-LS

    For illuminance measurement in combination with MagicMaX.
    Measurement can be triggered at the detector for multiple measurements at viewing boxes.
    The Detector can also be used for continuous measurements for image intensifier light-output

    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx MM LS
    End Benefit

    Technical specs

    External Input Connector

    LEMO triaxial male (NIM-CAMAC)
    7-pin Multiconnector


    Max. data rate
    Max. USB load
    USB connector type
    USB cable type

    USB 2.0

    12 Mbit/s
    2 Unit Loads (200mA)
    USB Mini-B
    USB 2.0 compliant (tdelay < 5.2 ns/m)

    Leakage Current
    Max. Input Current

    ≤ 0.1 pA
    ≤ -3 μA

    Power Supply

    USB powered

    Recording time resolution
    Max. recording time

    0.1 ms
    300 s

    Size (L x W x H)

    100 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm (3.9” x 1.2” x 0.8”)
    75g (0.17 lbs)

    IBA Dosimetry magicmax  Primus
    IBA Dosimetry magicmax
    IBA Dosimetry magicmax  detail
    IBA Dosimetry magicmax universal with hand
    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx Koffer
    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx Laptop
    IBA Dosimetry MagicMaxx Overview

    MagicMax Multimeter, kV-Meter or Dosimeter is the optimized solution for
    advanced beam verification and quality assurance for Radiography Fluroscopy Mammography and Dental x-ray imaging.

    Uniquely Efficient: enabling one-shot full QA. Uniquely Versatile: integrating in any workflow and QA need. Uniquely Powerful: providing expert level comprehensive data.

    "One-Shot full QA" in Medical Imaging: experience how MagicMax with Test Plate Primus enable most efficient and advanced BEAM AND IMAGE quality assurance for all x-ray imaging modalities - Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Dental, Mammography.

    Entdecken Sie die Komplettlösungen von IBA Dosimetry für die effiziente Qualitätssicherung in der Radiographie, Fluoroskopie, Mammographie und CT: MagicMaX Multimeter für Dosismessungen und Testphantome zur Verifizierung der Bildqualität.

    Medical Imaging MagicMaxx

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