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Maximizing patient safety by
innovative & independent QA
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Medical Imaging
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NEW: Independent Machine QA
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Innovative and independent quality assurance solutions

IBA Dosimetry develops meaningful and innovative solutions that give
medical physicists the accurate and reliable quality assurance results they need.

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Meaningful Innovation

IBA is shaping the future of dosimetry.
Measurements, integration, automation, and prediction drive meaningful innovation for your QA solutions.

Flexible Solutions

Our flexible solutions maximize the certainty of your QA results. You can choose between a standard QA workflow or an in-depth analysis, depending on your needs. With IBA Dosimetry solutions, you get reliable, accurate results more efficiently.

Customer-First Service

IBA Dosimetry is here for you, always. We provide customer-first service around the clock and around the world. You have 24/7 access to our global team of experts and their unique knowledge base.

myQA® SRS - The power of SRS revealed!

Fully utilize the capabilities of your stereotactic Linac with the solution that enables more precise QA delivered in less time. Treat your SRS & SBRT patients without the restrictions of other Patient QA methods. 12 x 14 cm² sensor area with 0.4 mm film-class resolution.

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Clinical Webinars & Presentations Series

Listen to recorded clinical presentations and quality webinars presented by experienced medical physicist and users. Gain valuable information about dosimetry and QA solutions.

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Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer

The DOSE-X is a portable, single-channel reference class electrometer exceeding IEC 60731 standards. Featuring high-precision technology, easy-to-use functionality and an intuitive user interface, the DOSE-X provides accurate measurements for your absolute dosimetry needs. 

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myQA iON

The Patient QA Environment for Proton Therapy

myQA iON is the unique Patient QA software solution for efficiency, accuracy and safety of recurrent QA checks in Proton Therapy.


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myQA is your independent software platform that integrates your QA applications, processes, workflow, people and data into one QA framework. 

All-in-one. All connected. All secure.

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Integrated Quality Assurance Brochure

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Why IBA Dosimetry?

At IBA Dosimetry, our mission is to Protect, Enhance, and Save Lives of patients that are exposed to radiation during radiation therapy and medical imaging. We enable healthcare professionals around the world to maximize patient safety and treatment efficiency by implementing integrated and independent Quality Assurance solutions.

Protect, Enhance, and Save Lives.

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Integrated & Independent Quality Assurance

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of integrated and independent solutions for Quality Assurance (QA), calibration procedures, and services that maximize efficiency and patient safety in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging. 

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Trusted by over 10,000 customers in more than 110 countries worldwide

With over 10000 users worldwide, IBA Dosimetry is the market leader in providing healthcare professionals with high-end quality assurance solutions to measure and analyze the imaging and treatment doses received by patients.

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