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MatriXX Resolution™

Highest resolution ionization chamber detector array for independent VMAT/IMRT Patient QA and Machine QA


Outstanding Accuracy

  • 50% more data points compared to previous MatriXX detectors for highest IMRT & VMAT measurement resolution.
  • Wireless Gantry Sensor+ enables precise QA of rotational cases and automated gantry angle correction. 
  • Confidence through independent QA.

Unrivaled Efficiency

  • Fast and straightforward detector setup 
  • No cables required through complete wireless and battery-powered design
  • Efficient measurements for Patient QA and Machine QA verification with myQA® software
  • Now fully compatible with your Varian Halcyon® and Ethos™ treatment machines

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Begin Benefit

Pre-treatment verification of carcinoma breast VMAT plan based on mono-isocentric technique

Assessment of the combined fields feature of new 2D MatriXX arrays resolution


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Highest measurement resolution for VMAT / IMRT

  • 6.5 mm center to center ionization chamber distance.
  • 1521 ionization chambers.
  • 25.3 x 25.3 cm² field size.

Center chamber

  • 9 chambers in the center of the array provide accurate dose measurements.

Light field check

  • Field size markers permit easy verification of the light field’s conformity with the radiation field.

High-resolution centerline and diagonal measurements

  • The 39 ionization chambers for each centerline offers greater accuracy, especially in the penumbra regions. 

Rechargeable battery

  • No power cord required.
  • Fast and flexible use of MatriXX Resolution at multiple Linacs.
IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution Battery

Wireless data exchange

  • The wireless / cable-free design enables fast system setup and a convenient workflow.
Wireless Communication MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry

Laser setup marker

  • Precise and fast setup through laser alignment.

Ergonomic and lightweight design

IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution Lightweight

Optimized for rotational cases

  • Automated gantry angle correction with the wireless Gantry Sensor+
  • Accurate measurements of the gantry rotation angles vs. measured segment.
IBA Dosimetry myQA SRS - Gantry Sensor+

NEW - The next generation MatriXX detector offering unrivaled resolution and workflow efficiency.

miniPhantom R

  • Solid phantom with elliptical geometry used for optimal Patient and Machine QA.
  • For the MatriXX Resolution, film, and ionization chambers.
  • Easy setup and handling.
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product mini Phantom


High-resolution independent VMAT/IMRT patient QA: Clinical implementation and results

Guest speaker Dr. Raj Mitra from Ochsner Health Systems, Louisiana, USA, walks the viewer through the initial setup and calibration of the device, testing and validation and finally, presents clinical test results for various IMRT/VMAT cases.

Dr. Raj Mitra

Medical Physicist, Ochsner Health System, Louisiana, USA

3 min. (open access preview)17 min. (full presentation, members)


IMRT / VMAT Patient QA Based on High-Resolution Measurements: Experience with MatriXX Resolution

Learn about the physics characteristics and resulting clinical benefits of the new MatriXX Resolution ionization chamber detector array for advanced IMRT and VMAT Patient QA.


Luca Bindoni

Medical Physicist at the Treviso Regional Hospital in Italy

2 min. (open access preview)13 min. (full presentation, members)

Experience with MatriXX Resolution 

"We are using MatriXX Resolution in our department and are thoroughly impressed with the device and software. The consistency of the device is outstanding, and the myQA Patients and myQA Machines software is incredibly user-friendly, particularly the Dosimetry plugin which has allowed us to conduct daily QA efficiently and save time. The device has an incredible resolution of 6.5 mm, which is uniform and precise, and exhibits exceptional reproducibility across all doses, dose rates, and energy conditions, rendering it highly suitable for clinical use. From small to very large field sizes, the system permits rapid and dependable pretreatment verifications for both IMRT and VMAT plans. Clinical VMAT Patient QA validation accuracy can be significantly improved with the use of narrow ionization chamber spacing, owing to the high resolution it provides. We highly recommend IBA Dosimetry for their outstanding solution and exceptional service."


Gajender Nagar
Radiation Safety Officer
Radiation Oncology Department
Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad

iba dosimetry medical physicist Luca Bindoni

"We tested the new MatriXX Resolution detector in our department: compared to the previous version, the detector has a great spatial resolution combined with the excellent dosimetric response of the IBA ionization chambers, which ensure precision and reproducibility at all dose, dose rate and x-ray energy conditions of clinical use. Inserted in the miniPhantom R and connected to the myQA Patients software, thanks to the new features that integrate in a simple and user-friendly way the correction for the angular response of the detector and the combination of measurements of large fields, the system allows quick and reliable pretreatment checks of IMRT and VMAT plans, with fields from small to very large size. The system therefore lends itself to providing solutions for any type of Linac and of clinical application. The high resolution that the narrow ionization chamber spacing offers is a clear advantage for clinical VMAT patient QA validation accuracy.”

Luca Bindoni
Medical Physicist, Treviso Regional Hospital, Italy

Workflow simplicity

MatriXX Resolution is optimized for your workflow efficiency. The complete process is typically completed in less than 5 minutes, from detector setup to measurement to test result:

  1. Fast and easy setup
    • Laser alignment of the detector or phantom on the treatment couch.
    • Wireless connection to the software or alternatively with Ethernet cable.
  2. Beam-triggered measurements
    • The detector is waiting for the beam.
    • Automatic measurements of all beam energies in a single run with myQA software.
    • FF / FFF beams supported.
  3. Instant results
    • Immediate and automatic processing of the measurements in myQA.
    • Easy validation of test results.
  4. Test approval and archiving
    • Approval and commenting option with adjustable user rights.
    • Results are stored centrally for in-depth reviews, analysis, and reporting.
IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution in a Halcyon

IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution for patients

myQA® software and accessories

Smartly designed measurement tools and advanced integrated verification software are your basis for efficient & precise QA. MatriXX Resolution represents the optimal solution for the plan verification or composite cases (TG 218).


For Patient Plan QA

miniPhantom R & Gantry Sensor+

  • Solid phantom with elliptical geometry used for optimal Patient and Machine QA with the MatriXX Resolution, film, and ionization chambers.
  • Simulate measurements at a certain material depth.
  • Fast and reproducible setup and position of the MatriXX detector, chambers, or films.
  • Includes 3 different chamber inserts and film insert with effective points of measurement matching the MatriXX Resolution detector.
  • Gantry Sensor+ for accurate measurements of the gantry rotation angles vs. measured segment.

Software: myQA Patients

  • Latest myQA Patients software enables efficient menu-guided plan verification in 4 easy steps. Discover more about myQA on our website.
  • Connected to myQA and central database for network-wide data access.
  • Automated gantry angle correction with the new wireless Gantry Sensor+.
  • Supports field-combination for measurements and verification of large cases (e.g. spine).
  • Includes single beam analysis and many more automated functions.

Software and accessories for Machine QA

Build-Up Plates for Energy Constancy Verification

  • Dedicated build-up plates for the MatriXX Resolution detector.
  • Convenient beam constancy verification in one single shot.

Software: myQA Machines

  • MatriXX Resolution with myQA Machines software enables advanced Linac Machine QA, e.g. periodic checks (weekly, monthly...). TG-142 supported.
  • Tests include profile analysis, trend analysis, energy & dose output / wedge factor.
  • Measure all tests with a single beam.
  • Enhance your tests with the Energy Verification Plates.
IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution for machines

IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution - Scene

Instant results at your fingertips

The myQA Cockpit is your browser-based interface that provides all your essential QA data and status overviews.

  • Instant QA overview with intuitive and clear reporting, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Quick access to your Patient & Machine QA status and test results.

Rotating Holder - Optional Accessory

Support of Machine QA measurements with Linac angles of 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

  • Comfortable fixations holding the 2D array in its position
  • Fast and accurate locking mechanism for different measurement angles
  • Easy to use four-point leveling mechanism
  • Rubber feet prevent unintended movements of the holder

Download the brochure for more information (brochure section below)

Gantry Mount - Optional Accessory

For easy and stable attachment of your MatriXX Resolution to the Linac head, enabling advanced Machine QA under any Linac angle.

  • Fast, accurate, and easy to use locking mechanism
  • Perpendicular Machine QA measurements for any gantry rotation angle
  • Comfortable fixations hold the 2D array precisely in its position
  • Compatible with Varian and Elekta Linacs and for different SSD needs 1)

Download the brochure for more information (brochure section below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MatriXX Resolution compared to MatriXX Evolution?

Compared to MatriXX Evolution, MatriXX Resolution has 50% more measurement points, better resolution and is completely wireless. Additionally, MatriXX Resolution is designed to be used with the full clinical range of FF/FFF energies and dose rates.

How fast is the setup for Patient QA measurements?

The highly efficient setup takes about one to two minutes, enabled through easy handling of the devices and the complete cable-free design. No plugging of power cords, no data cables needed. Please view the workflow video, above.

What is the field size of the detector array?

Field size of the MatriXX Resolution detector array is 25.3 x 25.3 cm2, and advanced software features allow measurements of fields even longer than 40 cm.

How do you handle the gantry angle dependency of the detector?

Angular dependency is corrected via usage of the wireless Gantry Sensor+. The sensor attaches to the Linac gantry and, in real time, sends information to the MatriXX Resolution system. Information about the detector dose measurement and the gantry angle is in the myQA software, combined and corrected depending on the position the radiation is coming from.

How can I validate field sizes larger than the detector active area of 40 cm?

The "combine fields" functionality of the myQA software supports easy and efficient QA for fields larger than the detector active area, up to very large fields (>40 cm).

Can I use MatriXX Resolution for Machine QA checks?

MatriXX Resolution with the myQA Machines software enables advanced Linac Machine QA, e.g. periodic checks (weekly, monthly…). TG 142 and different customized protocols are supported. Tests include constancy checks of profiles (inline/crossline/diagonals), energy, dose output, and wedge factor. The solution enables measuring all tests with a single beam. For energy constancy verification, optional Energy Verification Plates are available. 

How can I upgrade from MatriXX Evolution to MatriXX Resolution?

Different upgrade options are available. For more details, please contact the IBA Dosimetry representative in your region.

Do I need a specific myQA software version to use MatriXX Resolution?

MatriXX Resolution can be used with myQA software version 2020-002 and newer.

I have a gantry holder for MatriXX Evolution. Can I use this holder for MatriXX Resolution?

Your MatriXX Evolution holder can easily be upgraded for compatibility with MatriXX Resolution. 

End Benefit
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product Wireless
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product Battery
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product Wireless & MiniPhantom
MatriXX Resolution IBA Dosimetry Product Wireless & MiniPhantom
iba dosimetry  gantry sensor+ 360 degree
iba dosimetry matriXX resolution setup, operator
iba dosimetry - mini phantomR with gantry sensor+ overview

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