IBA Dosimetry Medical Imaging Product Primus A

Primus A

Advanced design for multiple test parameters

For quality checks at digital & conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units.

The test device Primus A is applicable for expert inspections, acceptance tests and constancy tests according to DIN 6868-150, 2013 and DIN 6868-4.

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Begin Benefit
IBA Dosimetry Primus A Xray

Universal test device

For your digital and conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units.

Integrated grid design

For easy testing of geometric distortion and smart review of light/beam field alignment.

Low and high contrast resolution

Two integrated areas for verification of the dynamic and low contrast sensitivity.

Intuitive workflow

Unique design ensuring easy application.

End Benefit


Test the following parameters with Primus A:

  • Spatial resolution
  • Contrast resolution
  • Alignment of light and X-ray field
  • Geometrical distortion
  • Image scale

Technical specs

  • Direction of the tube axis
  • Dynamic step wedge
  • 16 detail contrast objects, diameter: 4 mm, depth: 2.5 mm in PMMA (evaluation of low contrast resolution in each step of the copper step wedge)
  • Detail contrast objects with 8 mm diameter
  • Line cross to mark center
  • Unstructured inner area
  • High contrast resolution tests (Resolution: 0,6 – 5 LP/mm)
  • Radiographically visible numbers for indication of the dynamic steps
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IBA Dosimetry Primus A Xray
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