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Join us in the fight against cancer - Career at IBA Dosimetry

Innovating for life since 1986, IBA has achieved worldwide recognition in its field by supplying the world's top oncologists with the most precise cancer-defeating technologies. If you are passionate and cause-driven, you can make this quest yours.

To join us, send us your application today. Because every day counts in the fight against cancer, make a move that will make a difference.

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What if you could help save lives with your daily work?

Working for a world-leading company

IBA is a world leader in all activities it undertakes (Radiopharmacy solutions, Dosimetry and Proton Therapy), and a pioneer in proton therapy solutions – the most advanced technology available to treat cancer. Currently, targeted proton therapy only represents about 1% of all radiotherapy treatments. Yet, it is estimated that more than 17% of patients treated by radiotherapy would benefit from proton therapy treatment. With so much potential for growth and progress, why work anywhere else?

IBA Dosimetry Career Benefit Scene Hospital

Passion and progress

IBA professionals have one mission in common: the fight against cancer. IBA brings well-respected experience and enthusiasm along with proton therapy which adds a unique angle to help fight one of the world’s major causes of death. IBA professionals have the passion, knowledge and experience to make a difference in the world. And when you’re following your passion, a job doesn’t seem like work. At IBA, we expect the best, is that you?

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Our people: the key to our success!

Technologies may change, but talent stays! IBA is built upon a foundation of passionate, enthusiastic and experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on a competitive advantage based on professional teamwork, continuous training and hands-on experience. At IBA, we realize that working together is the most important key to success. With this company philosophy IBA provides our clients with the very best technology and services in the industry – from the very best professionals in the industry.

IBA Dosimetry Career Benefit Scene


At IBA Dosimetry it does not matter where you come from, but what you can do! Around 220 people from around 30 nations worldwide work here. We value this diversity as a valuable factor in our corporate culture. Through special internal initiatives and projects Diversity & Inclusion is actively promoted and lived. Equal opportunity creates the opportunity to help people to live better and longer together.

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Autonomy and team-work for continuous innovation

At IBA, you’ll find an open-minded and multi-cultural environment that promotes professional autonomy and a strong spirit of collaboration. We foster innovation by focusing on respect and teamwork. IBA is a multinational company and also provides opportunities to work abroad.

IBA Dosimetry Career Benefit Scene

Learning for success

To foster growth within our community of professionals, IBA provides continuous training and support to our professionals through industry-oriented conferences and workshops. We want you to succeed, and we help you do it! At IBA, we know that the strong performance of talented individuals can make all the difference. To keep our professionals engaged, IBA has created a ‘total reward’ philosophy, which ensures our professionals receive competitive salaries and benefits, performance incentives and a guarantee of fair and equitable treatment.

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Performance pays off

The success of IBA depends largely on the ideas and extraordinary commitment of our employees. In order to appropriately reward this commitment, IBA pursues the principle of "pay for performance".

According to the principle "performance pays off", we would like to appropriately reward the excellence of our employees. In addition to an attractive basic salary, the annual income can therefore be positively influenced by additional performance-based and variable remuneration. This additional compensation is based on the individual performance of the employee, the team performance and the company's success.

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The bigger picture

At IBA, we strive to ensure the wellbeing of our professionals. We have developed a range of programs to support this, such as healthcare and personal sports initiatives.

As an IBA professional, you can be proud of your company. IBA has supported many events and programs geared towards eliminating cancer, as well as reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

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IBA Dosimetry receives "OPEN COMPANY" and "TOP COMPANY" awards

Besides the overall rating as "TOP COMPANY," IBA Dosimetry was also awarded the "OPEN COMPANY" certificate by the employer assessment platform kununu.

This certificate rewards companies with a high degree of readiness for dialogue with their employees. The award shows that IBA Dosimetry critically considers its own qualities as an employer.

Support of new employees – we go the extra mile for you

Around 220 experts from over 30 nations worldwide work at IBA Dosimetry. We value this diversity as a key factor in our corporate culture and innovation power. Discover how IBA Dosimetry supports national and international talents to integrate into our company.

This video was created by IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry ) as a best-practice example (4 minutes, German Language).

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