Service Quality. Service Accessibility. Service Assurance.

For IBA Dosimetry, service is about how we care for our customers. It is our aim to serve our users in delivering service quality, service accessibility, and service assurance! Discover how IBA Dosimetry supports you to ensure your equipment uptime and to protect your investment.

With over 40 years of experience keeping clinics running efficiently and safely, you can be assured that the IBA Dosimetry service team is there to support you when you need help.

  • 24/7 service accessibility
  • Three service teams and service partners around the globe
  • Instant access to our qualified service team
  • Online Help Center and Support Portal
  • „Messtechnische Kontrolle“ - Services for Germany. More MTK details here  

Service Quality

Keeping your equipment and clinic always at peak performance. With over 40 years of experience keeping clinics running efficiently and safely, you can trust that your IBA service team understands the importance of service quality.

IBA Dosimetry Service Quality
IBA SSDL Calibration Logo

High-Quality Calibration Services

Benefit from IBA's Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory’s wide range of calibration services for equipment in radiation therapy & diagnostic radiology.

Accredited SSDL/DAkkS/ADCL calibration standards guarantee quality.

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Linac Validation Water Phantom Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry big

Beam Data Verification Audit with Monte Carlo

Gain clarity and the peace of mind that the quality of your new or existing beam data is accurate, or know how to improve it if needed.  

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IBA Dosimetry user about Service Quality

“Overall I have very good experiences with IBA. I appreciate their level of technical skills and willingness to help at all times.”

Dr. Vythialingam Sathiaseelan
Chief Physicist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, USA

I enjoy the peace of mind that my IBA service contract provides.Brian Tom, Ph.D.Manager, Radiation Oncology Physics

Service Accessibility

Your medical physics efficiency made easier with 24/7 global support.

Contact to your 24/7 Global Support

Your team of clinically experienced, factory-trained and certified IBA Dosimetry medical physicists & engineers are here to support you!

USA, Canada, Latin America

Phone: +1 786 288 0369

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Phone: +49 9128 607 38

Medical Imaging Support Telephone
Phone: +49 9128 607 911
(available during German business hours)

Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand

Phone: +86 10 8080 9288


IBA Dosimetry Products Service
Support Portal IBA

24/7 Support Portal

Support when YOU need it!

Instant access to our 24/7 gobal support, whenever and wherever you are!

  • Software downloads and updates
  • User manuals, technical notes
  • White papers
  • Training videos and more

Manage the list of your IBA equipment, view service reports and information related to warranty and contract expiration.

Free for contract customers. Contact your IBA service organization for more information and availability.

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IBA Dosimetry user about Service Accessibility

“I find the new Dosimetry Help Center and the Support Portal very helpful in our daily clinical work. It is a unique solution that makes our lives, again, a bit easier.”

Mathias Dierl
Head of Medical Physics, Radiation Therapy,
Medical Center Bayreuth, Germany

Service Assurance

Protect your investment and save money on future acquisitions. With every valuable investment you make in IBA Dosimetry equipment and licensed software, you receive a full year of comprehensive coverage that’s designed to keep you running efficiently and effectively. With completely customizable and affordable coverage packages, you can choose the coverage you need to give you peace of mind and keep your equipment and software in peak performance condition. 


IBA Dosimetry ICC Academy doctor and nurse

IBA Academy

With the International Competence Center in Nurenberg, Germany, IBA Dosimetry created one of the most modern and sophisticated training centers for Dosimetry. It is equipped with an ELEKTA LINAC, TPS workstations and the full range of Dosimetry instruments.

Academy-on-the-road is our concept to provide content rich courses and hands-on experiences worldwide.

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IBA Service Elekta

Physics Services and Trainings

IBA expert support for your on-site installations, commissioning and training needs.

  • Leverage from IBA's 40 years of dosimetry and QA expertise
  • Overcome shortage in your physics staff
  • Increase your dosimetry and physics workflow know how
  • Competently implement new treatment technology and modalities

Onsite Installations

All services are conducted with qualified and certified service professionals.
Contact us for more information and a customized offer.

Onsite Trainings

Trainings are provided with qualified and certified professionals and medical physicists.

IBA Dosimetry user about Service Assurance

“I enjoy the peace of mind that my IBA service contract provides. It pays for itself in terms of patient safety, receiving added features, delaying obsolescence and minimizes down time. It’s reassuring knowing that my equipment is expertly serviced and that technical support is only a phone call away”.

Dr. Vythialingam Sathiaseelan
PhD, FAAPM, Chief Physicist,
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, USA

Global Services Brochure

global services brochure of IBA Dosimetry