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myQA® Phoenix

Unrivaled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for independent Proton Therapy system commissioning and acceptance

The new and unique design of myQA Phoenix resolves the clinical challenges of previous solutions and enables a reliable commissioning and acceptance of all proton therapy systems. As a result, new proton therapy centers can start clinical patient treatments significantly earlier and with the confidence of a highly accurate treatment planning and delivery process.



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Begin Benefit
myQA Phoenix: Clear Accuracy, Clear Efficiency & Clear Realiability

Key benefits for your PT commissioning and acceptance

Clear Accuracy 

  • >4 million pixels with 0.2 mm resolution.
  • Distortion-free measurement accuracy.

Clear Efficiency

  • 1 minute fast setup and easy handling.
  • Save time with faster commissioning and sooner acceptance.

Clear Reliability

  • Instant confidence through reliable measurements and comprehensive analysis.
  • Easily perform regular checks anytime.


myQA Phoenix - User experience on a new pixelated detector for PBS proton beams characterization

This talk was presented during the PTCOG 2021 Online Congress.

Learn about PSI experience using myQA Pheonix, the new high resolution pixel detector.

Dr. Michele Togno

Dosimetry Engineer at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI

2 min. (open access preview)11 min. (full presentation, members)

Click below and discover the myQA® Phoenix high-resolution PT beam measurement solution

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Benefits for high-resolution PT beam measurement accuracy

  • Amorphous silicon detector avoids measurement distortions that are inherent with optical systems.
  • Versatile single shot and movie mode measurements.
  • Optimized for PBS (pulsed or continuous).

myQA® software

Optimized for PT installations, acceptance, and commissioning measurements and validation.

Easy and seamless handling

  • Compact design (582 × 522 × 31 mm³)
  • Minimal weight (13 kg)

End Benefit
IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy myQA Phoenix Product Gallery
IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy myQA Phoenix Product Gallery
IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy myQA Phoenix Product Gallery
IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy myQA Phoenix Product Gallery
IBA Dosimetry proton therapy myQA Phoenix Laser

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