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Medical Imaging QA Solutions

IBA offers advanced Quality Assurance solutions for diagnostic imaging equipment: Beam QA, Image QA, and Medical Display QA.

Medical Imaging Quality Assurance tools in Radiation Therapy

IBA offers complete solution kits for Imaging QA needs in RT.

  • Dose and Image QA for CT Sim and Linac IGRT systems
  • kV Imaging QA and Dosimetry for CBCT, OBI, and CT-Sim

MagicMaX solution

"The most notable feature of the MagicMaX solution is its speed and simplicity of use. The system quickly and automatically records imaging doses and resets following each exposure for serial measurements. From setup to breakdown, my TrueBeam’s kV imaging system is evaluated in 5 minutes. It’s hard to argue against routine imaging QA when such an easy and affordable solution is available."

Jacob A. Gersh, PhD
Medical Physicist

Gibbs Cancer Center, Spartanburg, SC, USA

NEU - Deutschsprachige Webseite für Produkte von IBA Dosimetry im Bereich Medizinische Bildgebung

Folgen Sie dem Link und finden Sie deutsche Inhalte zu Produkten wie:

  • Multimeter - MaxicMaX Universal
  • Dosis-Monitoring - KermaX
  • Prüfkörper - Primus A
  • Leuchtdichtemessgerät - LXcan
  • DisplayQ 

Medizinische Bildgebung

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IBA Dosimetry Product Overview

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Industry Partner

"We are using the Multimeter MagicMaX from IBA Dosimetry GmbH for acceptance and constancy Tests with our EXAMION® x-ray systems as well as other systems that we maintain. We value the usability and high quality of the measurement device as well as the fast and competent service of IBA Dosimetry, especially regarding calibration and maintenance of our devices.

During various trainings we could benefit from the extensive know-how of IBA which enabled us to offer our customers the legally required routine checks of the IBA Dose-Area-Product-Meters. 

The trainings at the IBA International Competence Center (ICC) have further deepened our knowledge in the area of x-ray quality assurance and made our workflow more efficient."

Lars Olav Bromm
Project Manager
EXAMION GmbH, Munich, Germany

Preferred Partner of the Medical Imaging Industry

IBA Dosimetry QA solutions are used by leading x-ray equipment manufacturers.

  • IBA Inside: Dose Area Product Meters from IBA are built into the highest standard x-ray machines powering patient dose safety.
  • MagicMaX multimeter is used by x-ray service organizations and final testing.

Measurement Devices

IBA Dosimetry MagicMax Multimeter

MagicMaX rad/flu/dent

Advanced beam verification and quality
assurance for all x-ray imaging modalities

IBA Dosimetry MagicMaX Teaser

MagicMaX Universal

High-end Multimeter solution for
Beam QA in all X-ray modalities

IBA Dosimetry MagicMax Current Probe

MagicMaX Current Probe

Invasive and non-invasive measurements
of the tube current with MagicMaX Multimeters

IBA Dosimetry Product Ionization Chamber DCT10-RS

Ionization Chamber DCT10

For DLP (in mGy*cm) and CTDI measurements
at CT scanners

IBA Dosimetry LXcan Monitor


Spot Luminance Meter for Display QA

IBA Dosimetry Product Illuminance Detector LX LS


For ambient light measurements of image display devices and at viewing boxes


Test Plates and Phantoms

IBA Dosimetry Test Device Primus L

Primus A

Test Device for Quality Checks at
Digital and Conventional Radiographic and
Fluoroscopic X-ray Units

IBA Dosimetry Product DVT3D


Test Device for 3D Image Quality of
DVT Digital Volume Tomography

IBA Dosimetry 3-part PMMA CT-Phantom Teaser

PMMA Phantoms for CT/CBCT

PMMA Phantoms for CTDI measurements


QA Software

IBA Dosimetry Product IQ Analyzer Primus

IQ Analyzer Primus

Software for automatic image analysis and
quality checks in digital imaging