WP34 Calibration Water Phantom

Absolute dose measurements with horizontal beam arrangement. For calibration of ionization chambers in RT.

  • Advanced configuration with continuous fine depth adjustments by using linear scale
  • Measuring depth is adjustable from 18 mm to 250 mm for cylindrical chambers or from 8 mm (respectively 12 mm depending on chamber type) to 250 mm for parallel plate chambers
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IBA Dosimetry WP34 Radiation


One dimensional water phantom for absolute measurements, according to AAPM TG-51 and IAEA.

TRS-398 dosimetry protocols. The phantom has been designed for absolute dose measurements in radiation beams with horizontal beam incidence. Furthermore, it is suitable for the calibration of ionization chambers used in radiation therapy. The phantom's design allows cross calibration of a field ionization chamber against a calibrated reference chamber at the user’s facility. The phantom has engraved crosshairs, two handles for easy carrying, and a drain tap for emptying without changing the phantom’s position.


Various adapters for ionization chambers and FeSO4 dosimeters are available.

IBA Dosimetry WP34 Update

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