IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Dolphin


Why Dolphin?

Designed for ease of use and efficiency in pre-treatment Patient QA as well as Machine QA.

  • Save QA time & increase QA confidence
  • Setup & QA measurement efficiency: be ready to measure within 1 minute
  • Full 40x40 cm field size measurements: QA efficiency even for large cases
  • Measurement accuracy: highly accurate ion chamber detector & detection capability based on real delivered treatment
  • 3D patient dose analysis to evaluate complex cases
  • Verification accuracy: TPS-class software for advanced error analysis  


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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Dolphin True Beam
Begin Benefit

Dolphin setup in 1 minute

See how Dolphin setup is completed in one minute by the hospital staff at the Klinikum Bayreuth, Germany. Dolphin Transmission Detector enables efficiency for patient QA measurements.

End Benefit


Setup efficiency

  • Be ready to measure within 1 minute. Simply attach Dolphin to your gantry and operate wirelessly.

Measurement accuracy

  • High resolution full 40x40 cm field size output measurements.
  • High error detection capability, based on real delivered treatment (vs. logfile "calculation only" or EPID solutions).
  • Highly accurate and proven ion chamber detector.
  • Designed to verify real dose.

Verification efficiency

  • Instant automatic check and display of results.

Verification power

  • Independent QA compared to Linac dependent logfile solutions.
  • Default TPS check for fast "calculation only" QA.
  • Comprehensive optional 3D patient-based verification of any TPS plan.
  • TPS-class error analysis.
IBA Dosimetry Dolphin Workflow Title
IBA Dosimetry Treatmant Varian Dolphin
IBA Dosimetry Dolphin Workflow
IBA Dosimetry Dolphin wifi varian

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