IBA Dosimetry Product DVT3D Hero


Test Device for 3D Image Quality of DVT Systems

  • Choose out of a large range of accessories
  • Easy test device setup in the isocenter (optional tripod)
  • Verification image of the DVT3D with test patterns for digital volume tomography
  • Complies to DIN 6868-150:2013-06 test requirements
IBA Dosimetry Product DVT3D
Begin Benefit
IBA Dosimetry Product DVT3D Tripod

Unique solution

Easy and precise positioning of the test device on a tripod stand, without image quality influences of the patient couch.

Laser Markers

Crosshair marker for comfortable setup of the test device at isocenter.

3D Verification

3D image quality checks with contrast / spatial resolution, isocenter coincidence, noise and uniformity.

DVT3D detailed objects
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 60 mm; Tripod thread: M6


Diameter [mm]


Period [mm-1]



IBA Dosimetry Product DVT3D Tripod

Complete Solution Cases

Complete solution case for 3D and 2D quality assurance for experts and acceptance inspection:

  • Multimeter MagicMaXUniversal
  • Primus A; 2D image quality test device
  • 3 PMMA slabs à 30 x 30 x 10 cm (in separate case)
  • DVT3D test device for 3D image quality
  • Tripod for easy positioning of the DVT3D
  • Mounting frame
End Benefit