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Beam Data Verification Audit

New and unique service to get your beam data checked

Errors and inaccuracies in beam data collection are reported to frequently lead to flawed TPS beam models and thus to systematic TPS dose computation errors. These systematic beam data errors are however difficult to spot and to eliminate1). IBA Dosimetry now offers a unique and independent audit as a service to verify the accuracy of your beam data.

1) Kowatsch, M. (2018). Monte Carlo based Quality Assurance of Base Data for Beam Modeling in Treatment Planning Systems

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Dosimetric Issues in Radiation Therapy Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry

The Challenge: Poor commissioning data are a major dosimetric issue and causes errors throughout the treatment chain.

Therefore, international physics associations recommend an independent audit of the beam data by a qualified medical physicist (e.g. AAPM TG-106, AAPM TG-53, ESTRO Booklet 10…).

User Webinar – Experience of Monte-Carlo Beam Data Validation

Learn how SciMoCa Monte Carlo is used to independently validate commissioning beam data and to tune the TPS beam model for high accuracy dose planning.  
Duration: 16 min.

M. Kowatsch, Senior Medical Physics, LKH Feldkirch, Austria

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Webinar Presentation M. Kowatsch Senior Medical Physics Base Data for Beam Modelling with SciMoCa

IBA Dosimetry Service - Statement Raj Mitra

Expert opinion on the need for Monte Carlo beam data verification

“The quality of our measured beam data is critical to ensure accurate treatment planning and delivery, especially for stereotactic and other precision therapies. Medical physicists are challenged by varying responses from diodes and ion chambers because of the inherent differences between the different detectors. For the absolute confirmation of accuracy of beam data, I believe that Monte Carlo validation is the path forward for verifying small field beam data and has broader implications for verification of data for larger field sizes as well.”

Raj K. Mitra, PhD, DABR.
Ochsner Health System – New Orleans, LA, USA

Graph Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry

Independent Monte Carlo-based Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry

The Solution: Independent Monte Carlo-based Beam Data Verification Audit

Gain clarity and the peace of mind that the quality of your new or existing beam data is accurate, or know how to improve it if needed.

  • Simply submit your commissioning data for the audit and gain full insight into the quality of your dataset.
  • The report includes comprehensive details of the sources of inconsistencies or errors and provides guidance on how to resolve them.
  • The audit is available for beam data of any water phantom and for all standard C-Arm Linacs, Halcyon™, Ethos™ CyberKnife®, TomoTherapy®/ Radixact®. 1)

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User Experience with Beam Data Verification Audit

“I have validated our beam commissioning data using the Monte Carlo modeling within SciMoCa. The comprehensive validation report provided guidance to improve the PDD and MLC leaf calibrations in the TPS. We now have the confidence that our beam data is correct and that our treatment plan calculations are of high quality.”

M. Kowatsch, Senior Medical Physicist,
LKH Feldkirch, Austria

M. Kowatsch, Senior Medical Physics M. Kowatsch, Senior Medical Physics, LKH Feldkirch, Austria

Example Report Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry


Sample Report of a Beam Data Verification Audit

Download Sample Report here

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