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Relative Dosimetry

Beam commissioning and annual QA

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QA Solutions for Radiation Therapy and more

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IBA Dosimetry – 45 Years of Water Phantom Innovations

For over 45 years, IBA Dosimetry has been providing the highest quality dosimetry equipment to more than 10,000 satisfied customers in over 3,400 RT centers worldwide. The new SMARTSCAN system embodies decades of expertise, research and experience in the development of water phantom systems.

IBA Dosimetry User's Voice: Halcyon™ ¹ Commissioning / Liz Crees

Liz Crees, Head of RT Physics, shares her experience with using IBA Dosimetry dedicated commissioning solutions for the Varian® Halcyon™ 1 at the Queens Hospital, UK.

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Beam Scanning & Annual QA Solutions Brochure

High-quality beam data and correct commissioning of your Linac and TPS are the basis for correct RT planning and treatment delivery for patient safety.
Discover IBA Dosimetry’s complete range of Relative Dosimetry solutions in this brochure.

Linac Validation Water Phantom Beam Data Verification Audit Commissioning Linacs IBA Dosimetry big

Beam Data Verification Audit with Monte Carlo

Gain clarity and the peace of mind that the quality of your new or existing beam data is accurate, or know how to improve it if needed.

Brochure SMARTSCAN - IBA Dosimetry

All details about SMARTSCAN in a brochure

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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Halo

myQA HALO for Varian® Halcyon™ ¹ 

Dedicated, proven package for independent verification and acceptance of the Varian® Halcyon™ 1 as well as for monthly and annual scans.

  • Package for independent verification & acceptance of the Varian® Halcyon™ ¹ 
  • myQA Accept: Beam Scanning integrated in the myQA® Platform
  • Blue Phantom COMPACT: The right fit for Halcyon™ ¹  validation & required scans
  • Stealth Chamber: Small Field scanning accuracy with ease


myQA Accept

Fully workflow oriented, menu guided software designed to increase your efficiency and to reduce the commissioning and QA time of your LINAC

  • Advanced beam scanning
  • Efficiency with menu-guided workflows
  • Scan data integration in myQA

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IBA Dosimetry myQA Accept Screen Software 2

Water Phantoms

IBA Dosimetry Product SMARTSCAN


Peace of Mind. Automated.

IBA Dosimetry Product Blue Phantom 2

Blue Phantom 2

3D Water Phantom System for
complete Linac Commissioning & QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Compact

Blue Phantom COMPACT

2D Water Phantom Solution for Beam Commissioning & Annual QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Helix Preview

Blue Phantom Helix

Commissioning & QA for TomoTherapy Radixact®️


Commissioning solutions

IBA Dosimetry Product SMARTSCAN


Peace of Mind. Automated.

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Halo  Scene & Software

myQA HALO Package
for Ethos™️ / Halcyon® ¹

The commissioning and beam data collection
package for the Varian Halcyon® / Ethos™ ¹ machine.



IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Stealth Chamber

Stealth Chamber

Perturbation Free "Beam Invisible"
Reference Signal Chamber for Relative Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Therapy Product Razor Chamber Teaser

RAZOR Chamber

Compact Air Ionization Chamber for Relative and Absolute Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Therapy Product Razor Detector Diode Teaser

RAZOR Detector

High Performance Diode Detector for Small Field Dosimetry in RT

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Razor Nano Chamber

RAZOR Nano Chamber

Smallest available Ionization Chamber for Small Field Dosimetry worldwide


Overview of Detectors for Relative and Absolute Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of ionization chambers and pSi semiconductor detectors for various 2D and 3D water phantom systems and solid phantoms.

All Detectors

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