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Blue Phantom COMPACT

Unlimited Usability - Compact Footprint

The Blue Phantom COMPACT is a two-dimensional radiation field analyzer, designed for commissioning, acceptance testing, and regular QA of linear accelerators. Each component of the system is carefully designed for top performance, ensuring the same quality and versatility found in all IBA Dosimetry water phantoms.

  • Promotes easy transportation for more efficient use e.g. for annual checks
  • Optimized for satellite hospitals and commissioning service providers
  • 2D high-end water phantom with smaller dimensions and minimized weight
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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Compact
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Webinar: Small Field Dosimetry – Tips & Tricks

Comprehensive presentation about challenges and considerations for clinical small photon field dosimetry based on international standards (IAEA, AAPM etc). Learn about tips and tricks to achieve high-quality results.  

Duration: 27 min.

Eduard Gershkevitsh, Chief Medical Physicist
North Estonia Medical Centre
Tallinn, Estonia

Optional Rotating Table

  • Designed to enable the rotation of the 2D Water Phantom System Blue Phantom COMPACT and Blue Phantom Helix.
  • Easy rotation of the filled water phantom for in-plane and cross-plane measurements.
    Avoids the need to drain the water phantom.
  • Supports seamless manual rotation of the phantom and exact indexing lock fixation
    at 0°, 45°, 90°, … .
  • Support of measurements inside the Varian®  1) Halcyon™/Ethos™ bore, also suitable for use with conventional Linac measurement sessions.

IBA Dosimetry - Blue Phantom Compact - Rotation
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IBA Dosimetry Testimonial Mathias Dierl

How Blue Phantom COMPACT helps users to improve their workflow:

Mathias Dierl
Head of Medical Physicists / Clinical Center Bayreuth, Germany

"The Blue Phantom² scanning system with myQA Accept and Stealth Chamber™ are the perfect combination for fast data collection! I was really surprised how easy it was to attach the Stealth Chamber™ to the LINAC with no need to change or reposition the chamber during the whole commissioning process. This saved us a lot of time. The scan results and the excellent reproducible reference signal quality absolutely satisfied all my needs!"

The perfect combination for fast data collection.

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IBA Dosimetry Brochure Integrated Beam Scanning & Annual QA

Beam Scanning
(2.53 MB)

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Compact
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Compact
IBA Dosimetry myQA Accept

Seamless rotation of your 2D water phantom

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