WP1D for use with CCU

The enhanced 1D water phantom solution enables your TG-51 and TRS-398 compliance with a simple setup.



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Begin Benefit

Conduct your annual and periodic Machine QA 

  • Connect with your existing myQA Accept software for efficient measurement
  • Easy, efficient setup and handling saves time vs. larger 3D water phantom

Automate PDDs

  • Use the same process as Blue Phantom² or SMARTSCAN

Measure output factors 

  • Field class dose measurements acquired with the CCU
  • Reference class dose measurements in combination with the Dose 1, Dose 2 and DOSE-X electrometer

Complete dose calibrations

  • In combination with the Dose 1, Dose 2 and DOSE-X dosimeter

End Benefit

Technical specs

MotorPrecision DC motor
FeedbackHigh linearity potentiometer
Position resolution0.1 mm
Position accuracyFulfills TG-51 and TRS-398 requirements
Position reproducibility+/- 0.1 mm
Maximum scanning length250 mm
Weight11 kg
Tank size360 x 420 x 360 mm (outer dimensions)
340 x 400 x 350 mm (inner dimensions)


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