IBA Dosimetry Dose-X - Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer


Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer

  • Easy and efficient overview on one screen 

  • Workflow-optimized next-generation user interface 

  • Full remote access* through a web-browser

  • Fully documented API*

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Meaningful innovation for your absolute dose measurements 

The DOSE-X is a portable reference class electrometer exceeding IEC 60731 standards. Featuring high-precision technology, easy-to-use functionality and an intuitive user interface, the DOSE-X provides accurate measurements for your absolute dosimetry needs. Convenient automation, optimized workflows, and enhanced flexibility support your time-saving and efficient measurement protocols.

DOSE-X offers you:

  • Stand-alone and remote operation* (browser based) with full functionality
  • Intuitive 10-inch HD touch screen
  • API allowing you to control all basic and advanced functions of the Dose-X
  • Library functions
  • Multi language support
  • Flash compatible 
  • Supports your TG-51 QA protocols 
  • Supports all correction factors listed below with the possibility of cross-calibration:


    Correcting for


    Response at beam quality


    Air density (temperature and pressure)


    Incomplete charge collection due to recombination


    Change in polarity


    User defined additional correction

Intuitive 10-inch HD touch screen 

  • Easy and efficient overview on one screen  

  • Workflow-optimized next-generation user interface 

Fully documented API*

Operate your DOSE-X remotely with API through your preferred software environment 

End Benefit

Technical specs

Use: Ref Class  IEC 60731
Display: 10” HD Touch
Languages:de, en, es, fr, it, pt, ru, jp, cn, kr
Connectivity:Ethernet LAN 1 Gbit/s*, Wi-Fi (802.11ac/b/g/n)*, USB 3.0 Host 
Dimensions (mm × mm × mm):249.7 x 201.9 x 123.4
Weight: 4.6 kg
Power supply:100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Range (current):400 fA … 24 µA
Range (charge):4 pC
Resolution (current):0.1 fA
Resolution (charge):0.1 fC
Measurement modes: Manual, Automatic, Timed
Repeatability:< ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.25 % IEC 60731)
Long-term stability:≤ ± 0.2 % (≤ ± 0.5 % over one year, IEC 60731)
Response time:< 1.5 s
Non-linearity:≤ ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.5 %, IEC 67031)
Zero drift:≤ ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.5 %, IEC 60731)
Bias voltage:± 50 V … ± 500 V, ± 2 %
Zeroing:60 s (default)
Configurations: TNC Triax, BNC Triax (Adapter)

* Coming with FW update 06/2023

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