How to ensure highest quality Beam Commissioning (ESTRO Virtual Symposium)

M. Kowatsch & M. Adolph

M. Kowatsch (Senior Medical Physicist, LKH Feldkirch, Austria)

M. Adolph (Product Manager, IBA Dosimetry )

4 min. (open access preview)42 min. (full presentation, members)

Part 1: Monte Carlo beam data validation for error-free TPS beam modelling and QA (presented by M. Kowatsch).

Part 2: Error-free beam data scanning and commissioning with SMARTSCAN (presented by M. Adolph).

M. Kowatsch explains during the first part how Monte Carlo is used to provide meaningful insights for error-free treatment planning and support users beyond TPS beam model QA. The second part covers error-free beam data commissioning with SMARTSCAN held by M.Adolph.