AAPM 2024, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Convention Center 
Los Angeles, California

Discover our end-to-end patient & machine QA solutions at this year's AAPM conference, addressing the clinical demands of medical physicists. Find out about the latest launch of the QUASAR MR Motion Platform and the Radcal's simply powerful T3 series.

Come join us at AAPM 2024 and discover how we support you every step of the way in achieving unparalleled accuracy.

Experience our 

Patient QA solutions in Radiation Therapy:

IBA QUASAR solutions:

    and - NEW (!)  - Radcal solutions

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    AAPM 2024 - IBA Dosimetry Products, Abstracts & Talks






    Patient QA





    myQA iON

    Abstract, Poster

    SU300-GPD(A)-LOUNGE-414 Validation and Implementation of a Comprehensive Quality Assurance System Using Treatment Logs and a Monte Carlo Dose Engine

    Zhong Su

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    myQA iON

    Abstract, Poster

    SU300-GPD(A)-LOUNGE-524 An Accurate and Effective Method for 3D Dose Verification of Single-Isocenter Multiple-Target SRS Plans

    Guoqiang Cui

    Duke University

    myQA iON and full
    SW Ecosystem

    Vendor Showcase

    Streamlining Clinical Operations with the myQA Software Ecosystem and myQA ION/RT/PT

    Zhong Su

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    myQA SRS

    Abstract, Poster

    TU300-GPD(B)-LOUNGE-117 Multi-Institution Dosimetric Commissioning of a High-Resolution CMOS 2D Detector Array for Single-Isocenter Multi-Target Patient-Specific QA of VMAT Stereotactic Radiosurgery

    Ching-Ling Teng

    Mount Sinai Health System

    myQA SRS

    Abstract, Poster

    Commissioning and Dosimetric Validation of a VMAT-Based Lattice Radiotherapy Technique

    Yunjie Yang

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Center

    MatriXX PT

    Abstract, Poster

    Validation of GRID and Lattice Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy with Proton Pencil Beam Scanning—Comparison of Monte Carlo Calculation and Dose Measurements with Films and 2-Dimensional Ion-Chamber Detector Arrays

    Bashar Ziadat

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    MatriXX PT

    Abstract, Poster

    Patient-Specific Quality Assurance of Dynamically Collimated Pencil Beam Scanned Proton Therapy Treatment Plans

    Laura Bennett

    University of Iowa

    MatriXX Evolution

    Abstract, Poster

    Investigating Simple Pulsed Low Dose Rate Deliverability Methodology for Volumetric Modulated Arcs

    Ahmed A. Eldib

    For Chase Cancer Center


    Abstract, Poster

    Characterization of a High-Resolution, 2D-Array Thin-Film Transistor Detector with Proton Beams for Dose Verification of Proton Patient Specific Plans.


    Isabella Compbell

    University of Oklahoma






    Machine QA





    myQA Machines

    Partners in Solutions

    WE-1015-INV Treatment Machine Performance Analysis and Data Trending Software

    Michael McCauley, Arianna Giuliacci, Mehgan Boone

    IBA Dosimetry

    QUASAR Motion MR Platform

    Abstract, Poster

    A Novel Motion Platform Setup for Time-Resolved Dosimetric Quality Assurance of MRI-Guided Motion-Compensated Radiotherapy

    Stijn Oolbekkink

    UMC Utrecht



    Validation of MR-Guided Multi-Target MLC-Tracking Using a Novel Time-Resolved Plastic Scintillation Setup

    Prescilla Uijtewaal

    UMC Utrecht


    Abstract, Poster

    Improving the Efficiency of the Calibration Procedure for Accurate Multi-Point Scintillation Dosimetry on an MR-Linac

    Maelon van den Dobbelsteen

    UMC Utrecht


    Abtract, Poster

    Daily Sgrt and IGRT Isocenters' Coincidence and 6DoF Shifts Accuracy Verification for SRS Dedicated Linacs Using Quasar Penta-Guide Cube and Tilt-Plate

    Dima Soultan

    University of Kansas


    Abstract, Poster

    Optimized Cine Imaging QA Phantom for Characterization with B0-Compensation during Gantry Rotation on 0.35 T Mrgrt

    Taeho Kim

    Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis