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Scientific Posters

  • Read how myQA SRS maximizes accuracy and efficiency for your SIMT radiosurgery plans. 
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  • Read the analysis in the ESTRO 2022 poster by Eduard Gershkevitsh, North Estonia Medical Centre: myQA SRS was the only 2D array with DSOC factors within 2% for all cone sizes, the highest congruence with output factors obtained with reference detectors.
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  • Jelle Smeulders from UZ Brussel presented his findings at ESTRO 2022 for myQA SRS validation and film comparison for SRS/SBRT patient-specific QA: myQA SRS is nearly equivalent to film measurements and maximizes accuracy for small fields.
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myQA SRS from IBA Dosimetry  Scientific Posters

High-resolution independent VMAT/IMRT patient QA: Clinical implementation and results

Guest speaker Dr Raj Mitra from Ochsner Health Systems, Louisiana, USA, walks the viewer through the initial setup and calibration of the device, testing and validation and finally, present clinical test results for various IMRT/VMAT cases.

A new high-resolution digital SRS and SBRT QA detector array: Performance characterisation and clinical advantages

Learn about the physics characteristics of myQA SRS as evaluated by clinical users. Guest speakers Dr. Sally Fletcher and Dr. Chris Stepanek from University Hospitals Bristol & Weston (UHBW) NHS Foundation Trust, UK, presents their findings from extensive testing of the myQA SRS.

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Experience with myQA SRS in the USA

“Patient-specific SRS and SBRT QA results look great using the myQA SRS even for very tight parameters of 2mm/2%. The digital detector QA workflow with myQA SRS is 106 times faster and easier compared to using film. The film-equivalent resolution for our QA measurements is the basis for better and more meaningful SRS patient plan verification with a high sensitivity and specificity to detect real dosimetric issues.”

Yun Yang PhD, DABR
Department of Radiation Oncology
Rhode Island Hospital, USA



Experience with MatriXX Resolution 

"We tested the new MatriXX Resolution detector in our department: compared to the previous version, the detector has a great spatial resolution combined with the excellent dosimetric response of the IBA ionization chambers, which ensure precision and reproducibility at all dose, dose rate and x-ray energy conditions of clinical use. Inserted in the miniPhantom R and connected to the myQA Patients software, thanks to the new features that integrate in a simple and user-friendly way the correction for the angular response of the detector and the combination of measurements of large fields, the system allows quick and reliable pretreatment checks of IMRT and VMAT plans, with fields from small to very large size. The system therefore lends itself to providing solutions for any type of Linac and of clinical application. The high resolution that the narrow ionization chamber spacing offers is a clear advantage for clinical VMAT patient QA validation accuracy.”

Luca Bindoni
Medical Physicist, Treviso Regional Hospital, Italy

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Stereotactic clinical experience with myQA SRS

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