Blue Phantom PT

Beam commissioning and Machine QA for PBS Pencil Beam Scanning

The latest Blue Phantom is based on over 40 years of experience during which IBA Dosimetry has been providing high quality dosimetry equipment and services to more than 4,000 satisfied water phantom users worldwide. It is specifically designed for Proton Therapy (PT) Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS).

The Blue Phantom PT facilitates faster and more accurate commissioning of PT treatment systems which is fundamental for safer patient treatments.

With its scanning software myQA Accept, the Blue Phantom PT is the technologically leading water phantom solution for Proton Therapy beam scanning.




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IBA Dosimetry Product Blue Phantom PT Graphics
IBA Dosimetry Blue Phantom PT

A targeted solution for the most efficient Quality Assurance

Faster machine QA

  • Compact design & minimum water volume enables faster filling 

  • Easy handling & positioning for faster setup of 50%*

  • Weight of less than 12 kg (without water)

  • Save time through fast positioning speed, chamber movement of 20 mm/s

Most accurate commissioning

  • Accurate detector positioning down to +/- 50µm
  • Laser calibration certifying the accuracy
IBA Dosimetry Blue Phantom PT

IBA Dosimetry Blue Phantom PT

Compatibility with all PT systems

  • Magnetic resistant positioning sensor offers full compatibility with all PT systems on the market
  • Thin PMMA window for low range measurements. Easily replaceable.
  • Scan range up to 380 mm water equivalent
  • Step-by-step & continuous scanning mode

myQA Software Platform

  • The Blue Phantom PT is fully integrated in the myQA worflorw
IBA Dosimetry myQA Accept Screen Blue Phantom PT

Detector support

  • Large iniozation chamber Stingray for accurate Bragg peak measurements in PBS
  • PPC05 for absolute dose measurements

Technical specs

  • Exterior water tank dimensions: 514 mm x 277 mm x 268 mm

  • Weight: ~= 12 kg (without water)

  • Scanning range : 380 mm

  • Sensor resolution : 0,001 mm

  • Position resolution : 0,1 mm

  • Positioning accuracy : +/- 0,05 mm

  • Positioning repeatability : +/- 0,03 mm

  • Positioning speed : Up to 20 mm/s

  • Thin window : 3-5 mm

  • Wall thickness/ material : 10 mm/ PMMA

IBA Dosimetry Blue Phantom PT on PT couch

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