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Your SRS/ SBRT QA solution dedicated for CyberKnife®

myQA® SRS for CyberKnife® provides all tools CyberKnife® users need for accurate and fast patient specific pretreatment QA. With 0.4 mm film-class resolution and a 12 × 14 cm2 sensor area, myQA® SRS for CyberKnife® combines the accuracy and resolution of film QA with the proven efficiency of a digital detector array. PSQA workflow supports measurements and analysis in the native plan geometry to fully match patient treatment delivery.

  • CyberKnife® specific fiducials support easy positioning of the myQA®
  • Film-class digital resolution and efficiency
  • Automatic SAD and Angular correction
  • Seamless QA of millimetric target sizes with multiple measurement points
  • Evaluation of multiple targets at once
  • Fast digital detector array readout speed
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Begin Benefit

TPS calculated dose distribution with 2 mm resolution

myQA® SRS measured dose distribution with 0.4 mm resolution

Detailed profile analysis with numerous measurement points

Detailed Gamma index analysis - 3% / 1mm, 99.9% passing rate

Experience with myQA SRS for CyberKnife

"With the increasing adaptation of multiple-mets SRS, sometimes with different dose requirements due to target sizes, and the trend of treating smaller and smaller mets, patient-specific QA to ensure the accuracy of targeting and dose delivery has become even more important.    

At Stanford, we use film for small target (~ 5 mm) patient-specific QA on the CyberKnife® system since it has the highest resolution of all our QA equipment.  We do not want to have only 5 measurement points on a diode array for the QA.  However, there is at least a few hours wait time for film analysis and it requires careful handling to obtain accuracy within 3%.  We are testing myQA SRS for the purpose of possibly replacing film.  We think its immediate readout and high resolution of the CMOS detectors will be the ideal equipment for small-size SRS treatment QA.  The development of being able to rotate the detector plane to best capture multiple mets at the same time is also very exciting and promising to streamline the QA workflow.     

In addition, we are actively looking to treat functional cases such as OCD and tremor on the CyberKnife® system in the future. The doses for such cases are extremely high; for example, the central dose for tremor is 140 Gy, and the target sizes in these cases are even smaller, so the consequence of inaccurate delivery is even more severe.  Based on our current testing and the improved workflow on myQA SRS, we think myQA SRS's high resolution will provide us with confidence of the treatment delivery accuracy for these cases."  

Cynthia Chuang, PhD, DABR
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University
Stanford, California

“With angular and SAD corrections applied, the myQA SRS array provided very good results and high agreement with the TPS data and is well-suited for pretreatment verification of CyberKnife®  SRS plans.”

Dr. Kim Holm
Medical Physicist, Department of Radiation Oncology
Heidelberg University Hospital
Heidelberg, Germany

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