PMMA Phantoms for CT/CBCT

3-part CTDI* Phantom for simulation of adult & pediatric imaging cased of head & body

  • Innovative 2-part or 3-part nested phantoms
  • Simulation of head and /or body scans for adults as well as pediatric
  • Determination of the dose delivered to the patient for a given series of CT scans
  • Optimized for pencil-shaped CT ionization chambers eg IBA Ion Chamber DCT10-RS


3-part CT phantom: Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Head & Body

Innovative 3-part nested PMMA phantom for CTDI measurements. Designed to image pediatric and adult head and body in accordance with FDA performance standard for diagnostic X-ray systems.


2-part CT phantom: Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Body

Phantom for CTDI measurements according to IEC 60601-2-44,

IEC 61223-3-5, IEC 61223-2-6.