QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

Designed to fulfill treatment planning and delivery testing requirements as prescribed by the following guidelines: AAPM TG 53/66, IAEA TRS-430, TECDOC-1540/1583/1588, IEC 62083

A flexible QA tool designed to perform both dosimetric and non-dosimetric tests on radiation therapy systems, the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom incorporates a wide variety of test objects in a solid acrylic housing. Designed to perform End to End QA on Simulation, Treatment Planning and Treatment Delivery Systems, the Multi-Purpose Body Phantom is a comprehensive solution for today’s physicist.

Modus QA offers forward compatibility with the option to add motion capabilities to the Multi-Purpose Body Phantom with the addition of a QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly or QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Platform.

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