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Solutions for Imaging QA in RT

Complete Dose and Image QA solutions for Linac Imaging systems (IGRT)

As a full QA solution provider IBA offers a complete range of innovative products for quality assurance in radiation therapy as well as in medical images. With more and more medical Imaging moving into radiation therapy it is essential to combine expertise in both areas. Complete kits ensure your cutting edge in Beam QA - Image QA - Display QA  

  • QA your imaging dose & image Quality
  • QA workflow efficiency in a single shot
  • Complete solution kits: All-in-one, all modalities
  • MagicMaX multimeter: Fast, simple, accurate

Image Quality & Imaging Dose QA

The affordable solution for all your x-ray and CT imaging QA needs for image quality and dose. Also available as complete solution kits.

  • TG-142: Kit provides all the tools necessary for the Imaging Dose verification with Multimeter MagicMaX

  • CyberKnife Imaging QA: Unique efficiency through support of serial exposures

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IBA Dosimetry Magicmax


Imaging-Dose Multimeter

  • Fast, simple, and accurate beam analysis and dosimetry for your CBCT, OBI, and CT-Sim, and 2D/3D imaging
  • Ideally suited for Varian OBI, Elekta or CyberKnife
  • In a single exposure, evaluate your kV beam and imaging dose or flat-panel imager (with the Primus A Test Plate)
  • MagicMaX with exchangeable detectors for kV or CT dose measurements

CT Phantom

  • Innovative 3-part nested PMMA phantom for CTDI measurements
  • Designed for pediatric and adult head and body sizes
  • According to FDA performance standard for diagnostic X-ray systems (21CFR 1020.33)
IBA Dosimetry Product CT Phantom

IBA Dosimetry Primus A

Primus A

Test plate for kV planar image QA

  • Easy image QA of your IGRT imaging systems or flat-panel imager
  • Verify complete contrast determination, special resolution, scaling discrepancy, uniformity and positioning offsets

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Digital and Conventional Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray Units


Quality Assurance Phantoms for CT

3-part CT phantom: Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Head & Body