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Patient QA for SBRT and SRS treatment with myQA SRS detector

myQA SRS combines the best of both worlds: unrivalled accuracy and film-class resolution of film QA, with the proven efficiency of the digital detector array workflow. Stephan Dröge, a chief medical physicist from DGD Lungenklinik Hemer, shares his clinical experience with myQA SRS and the benefits associated with its use for patient QA.

Stephan Dröge

Chief Medical Physicist,
DGD Lungenklinik Hemer

5 min. (open access preview)57 min. (full presentation, members)

Optimiser la gestion prospective des risques pour la radio-oncologie et les soins de santé: se libérer d’un fardeau

myQA PROactive est une application logicielle de gestion prospective des risques, entièrement optimisée pour la radio-oncologie et les soins de santé. Séverine Cucchiaro du CHU de Liège et Odile Tonet du CHU Charleroi présenteront leur expérience clinique avec myQA PROactive et les bénéfices associés à son utilisation.

Séverine Cucchiaro & Odile Tonet

Séverine Cucchiaro
Qualité et Sécurité
CHU de Liège

Odile Tonet
CHU de Charleroi

5 min. (open access preview)33 min. (full presentation, members)

Clinical application of myQA SRS: End to end test from image acquisition to patient-specific QA

Guest speaker Dr. Guoqiang Cui, a medical physicist from Duke University Medical Center, shares his clinical application of myQA SRS.

Dr. Guoqiang Cui

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Duke University Medical Center

6 min. (open access preview)18 min. (full presentation, members)

myQA PROactive: The only commercial prospective risk management solution for radiation oncology, a tool for risk management.

David Menichelli from IBA Dosimetry talks about myQA PROactive.

David Menichelli

IBA Dosimetry 

6 min. (open access preview)47 min. (full presentation, members)

Patient-specific QA (PSQA) using log files with myQA iON 2.0

Matthias Kowatsch and Philipp Szeverinski from the Institut of Medical Physics share their experience with myQA iON, an independent PSQA software environment which combines Monte Carlo-based secondary dose calculations with log file analysis using efficient dose evaluation tools.

Matthias Kowatsch & Philipp Szeverinski, PhD

Matthias Kowatsch
Head of Radiotherapy Physics Groupe
Institut of Medical Physics – State Hospital LKH Feldkirch

Philipp Szeverinski, PhD
Medical Physicist
Institut of Medical Physics – State Hospital LKH Feldkirch

3 min. (open access preview)41 min. (full presentation, members)

Maximum safety with limited time for quality assurance: challenges for a dual particle facility

Guest speaker Dr. Markus Stock, Head of Medical Physics at EBG MedAustron, shares his insight for maximizing safety with limited QA time at a dual particle facility with myQA iON.

Dr. Markus Stock

Head of Medical Physics
EBG MedAustron

3 min. (open access preview)14 min. (full presentation, members)

High-resolution independent VMAT/IMRT patient QA: Clinical implementation and results

Guest speaker Dr. Raj Mitra from Ochsner Health Systems, Louisiana, USA, walks the viewer through the initial setup and calibration of the device, testing and validation and finally, presents clinical test results for various IMRT/VMAT cases.

Dr. Raj Mitra

Medical Physicist, Ochsner Health System, Louisiana, USA

3 min. (open access preview)17 min. (full presentation, members)

A new high-resolution digital SRS and SBRT QA detector array: Performance characterisation and clinical advantages

Learn about the physics characteristics of myQA SRS as evaluated by clinical users. Guest speakers Dr. Sally Fletcher and Dr. Chris Stepanek from University Hospitals Bristol & Weston (UHBW) NHS Foundation Trust, UK, present their findings from extensive testing of the myQA SRS.

Sally Fletcher & Chris Stepanek

Sally Fletcher, Head of Radiotherapy Physics Department, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre

Chris Stepanek, Trainee Clinical Scientist in Radiotherapy Physics, University Hospitals Bristol & Weston

3 min. (open access preview)17 min. (full presentation, members)

Novel stereotactic QA with film-class resolution: First clinical experience with myQA SRS

Learn about the physics characteristics and clinical performance of the new myQA SRS solution. Guest speaker Yun Yang, PhD, DABR, Medical Physicist at Rhode Island Hospital, USA, presents his findings from extensive testing of the myQA SRS at Rhode Island Hospital.

CME: This presentation was approved by CAMPEP for 1 MPCEC hour and accredited by EBAMP as CPD event for Medical Physicists at EQF Level 7 and awarded 9 CPD credit points (only applicable for the live webinar - watch out for our next CME webinars).


Yun Yang, PhD, DABR,

Medical Physicist at Rhode Island Hospital, USA.

3 min. (open access preview)34 min. (full presentation, members)

IMRT / VMAT Patient QA Based on High-Resolution Measurements: Experience with MatriXX Resolution

Learn about the physics characteristics and resulting clinical benefits of the new MatriXX Resolution ionization chamber detector array for advanced IMRT and VMAT Patient QA.


Luca BindoniMedical Physicist at the Treviso Regional Hospital in Italy
2 min. (open access preview)13 min. (full presentation, members)

SBRT part 3: Quality assurance for SBRT treatments

Learn about current strategies and future developments in the field of Quality assurance for SBRT treatments.

Dr. Kai SchubertMedical Physicist at Clinic for Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy
University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany
2 min (open access preview)19 min. (full presentation, members)

SBRT part 2: The role of SBRT in the treatment of oligometastatic prostate cancer: Why & how SBRT for these patients

Learn how the oligometastatic status of prostate cancer patients is defined on the basis of PSMA PET/CT and which strategies and modalities are applied for SBRT treatment of these patients.

PD Dr. med. Stefan KörberFirst Senior Medical Doctor at Clinic for Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy
University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany
3 min. (open access preview)16 min. (full presentation, members)

SBRT part 1: Impact of PSMA PET on the management of patients with oligo metastatic prostate cancer

Learn about the concept of oligometastatic disease on prostate cancer patients and the importance of highly sensitive and specific PET PSMA imaging in the therapy management of those patients.

Jeremie Calais MD MScDirector of the Clinical Research Program of the Nuclear Medicine and
Theranostics Division, UCLA
3 min. (open access preview)20 min. (full presentation, members)

How to ensure highest quality Beam Commissioning (ESTRO Virtual Symposium)

Part 1: Monte Carlo beam data validation for error-free TPS beam modelling and QA (presented by M. Kowatsch).

Part 2: Error-free beam data scanning and commissioning with SMARTSCAN (presented by M. Adolph).

M. Kowatsch & M. AdolphM. Kowatsch (Senior Medical Physicist, LKH Feldkirch, Austria)
M. Adolph (Product Manager, IBA Dosimetry )
4 min. (open access preview)42 min. (full presentation, members)

Clinical Experience with SciMoCa Monte-Carlo Plan QA

Presentation of the implementation and clinical experience of SciMoCa at Heidelberg. From installation to workflow efficiency and the analysis of SciMoCa accuracy for Linac, TomoTherapy and CyberKnife cases.

Dr. Kai Schubert, Medical PhysicistDept. of Radio-Oncology and RT
University Clinical Heidelberg, Germany
5 min. (open access preview)21 min. (full presentation, members)

Monte Carlo QA Clinical Experience: SciMoCa Patient QA for CyberKnife® ¹

Lean about the clinical implementation of Monte Carlo dose check and plan QA for stereotactic patient QA. Understand how SciMoCa¹ enables patient QA accuracy and time saving through workflow automation and fast Monte Carlo calculations.

Ph.D. Christoph FuerwegerHead of Medical Physics, European Cyberknife Center
1 min. (open access preview)28 min. (full presentation, members)

Clinical experience with myQA global QA platform

Learn about the needs and advantages of a global QA platform solution and the clinical implementation of myQA. The webinar was approved for one credit for CAMPEP, MDCB, ASRT.

James P. Nunn, MS, CHP, DABRSenior Medical Physicist, LewisGale Hospital Pulaski, Virginia, USA
3 min. (open access preview)43 min. (full presentation, members)

Monte Carlo QA Accuracy –Physics Experience with SciMoCa Patient QA

In this webinar the physics of Monte Carlo dose check and plan QA will be discussed.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus AlberSection for Medical Physics, Department of Radiation Oncology,
Heidelberg University Hospital
1 min. (open access preview)29 min. (full presentation, members)

Monte-Carlo-Based QA of measured Base Data for Beam Modelling with SciMoCa

Learn how SciMoCa Monte Carlo is used to independently validate commissioning beam data and to tune the TPS beam model for high accuracy dose planning.

M. Kowatsch, Senior Medical PhysicsLKH Feldkirch, Austria
4 min. (open access preview)16 min. (full presentation, members)

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