Product Blue Phantom2 of IBA Dosimetry with linac from side

Blue Phantom 2

The Blue Phantom² embodies decades of expertise, research and experience, providing you with the best of water phantoms.

  • Precision: Unique absolute measurement technology
  • Long-term accuracy: High-precision, non-contact position sensor technology w/o non-mechanical wear
  • Positioning:  Detector positioning certified to ± 0.1 mm accuracy
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product blue phantom 2
Webinar Presentation Eduard Gershkevitsh, Chief Medical Physicist Small Field Dosimetry

Webinar: Small Field Dosimetry – Tips & Tricks

Comprehensive presentation about challenges and considerations for clinical small photon field dosimetry based on international standards (IAEA, AAPM etc). Learn about tips and tricks to achieve high-quality results.  

Duration: 30 min.

Eduard Gershkevitsh, Chief Medical Physicist
North Estonia Medical Centre
Tallinn, Estonia

Watch at the clinical presentation hub


Fastest, most Accurate and most Reliable Linac commissioning and regular QA

Quality beam scanning is the cornerstone for treatment planning and delivery accuracy. The Blue Phantom², with its scanning software myQA Accept, is the leading water phantom solution for radiation therapy (RT) beam scanning. The system’s unique design facilitates faster and more accurate commissioning of RT treatment systems which is fundamental for safer patient treatments.

The latest Blue Phantom2 is based on over 40 years of experience during which IBA Dosimetry has been providing high quality dosimetry equipment and services to more than 4,000 satisfied water phantom users worldwide.

Hospital Carolina East

Blue Phantom 2

Scott R. Conley, MS, DABR
/ CarolinaEast Health System, New Bern, North Carolina, USA

"The main things I look for in a scanning system are positional accuracy, reproducibility, and stability. The folks at IBA Dosimetry definitely got it right with this one. The typical potentiometers and stepper-motors of other systems are replaced with contact-less absolute measurement sensors. This ingenious piece of engineering provides 0.1 mm accuracy, ± 0.1 mm reproducibility, and unsurpassed long-term stability. Over 20 years, I have used many systems from many vendors. This is by far the best."

IBA Dosimetry Testimonial Matthias Dierl

Blue Phantom 2

Mathias Dierl
Head of Medical Physicists / Clinical Center Bayreuth, Germany

"The Blue Phantom² scanning system with myQA Accept and Stealth Chamber™ are the perfect combination for fast data collection! I was really surprised how easy it was to attach the Stealth Chamber™ to the LINAC with no need to change or reposition the chamber during the whole commissioning process. This saved us a lot of time. The scan results and the excellent reproducible reference signal quality absolutely satisfied all my needs!"

IBA Dosimetry Royalty Free Image

Blue Phantom 2

R. Rodebaugh, PhD
/ Chesapeake General Hospital, Chesapeake, VA.

"I have been using IBA's Blue Phantom and the innovative linear diode array during the commissioning of my Trilogy and Novalis TX LINACs. The capability to acquire profiles instantly, allowed me to collect all beam data in a fraction of the time. The speed of the Linear Diode Array versus a single detector is unmatched in the industry."

Technical specs

Exterior water tank dimensions: 675 x 645 x 560 mm

Scanning volume: 480 x 480 x 410 mm

Position resolution: 0.1 mm

Position accuracy: ± 0.1 mm

Scanning speed: 50 mm/s

Wall thickness / material: 15 mm / acrylic

IBA Dosimetry Brochure Integrated Beam Scanning & Annual QA

Beam Scanning
(2.53 MB)

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product blue phantom 2
Product Blue Phantom2 of IBA Dosimetry empty
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Razor Chamber
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Razor Chamber Scene
Product Blue Phantom2 of IBA Dosimetry with linac
Product Blue Phantom2 of IBA Dosimetry in scene
IBA Dosimetry Proton Radiation Product blue phantom 2

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