IBA Dosimetry Phantoms for Quality Assurance

QA Phantoms

Integrated phantoms and test devices for your comprehensive Machine and Imaging QA needs.

Select from a range of phantoms for dedicated machine QA tasks.

  • IBA Dosimetry imaging phantoms for 2D and 3D image quality verification.

  • Integrate your existing phantoms (myQA supports most common imaging phantoms).
  • The phantoms for quality assurance are designed according to IEC/TR 60977 and DIN 6847-5 and adaptable for QA in Radiotherapy and CT simulators. The Cubic Phantom, Disk Phantom and Cylindric Phantom are ideal tools to simplify QA tasks.
IBA Dosimetry qa Phantoms
IBA Dosimetry X-Lite


Light Field Alignment Checks

  • Fast and precise check of the radiation and light fields without film or additional hardware
  • Easy setup against the light field 
  • Fluorescent plate visualizes your radiation field right after the irradiation without additional processing 
  • Field scales marked with 5 × 5, 10 × 10, 15 × 15, and 20 × 20 cm2

Cylindrical Phantom

Dose Constancy and Isocenter Check

  • Verify the mechanical stability of gantry/imager position (CBCT) with a small steel ball insert (Winston-Lutz Test)
  • Measurement of dose constancy in various gantry angles and in rotational beams
  • Use myQA Machines to check the isocenter accuracy (Winston Lutz test)
  • Adaptors available for most common ion chambers

For more information please refer to the IBA white paper ‘Tg-142_Daily Generic Tests’ and ‘Winston-Lutz & Star Shot Test’


  • Material: PMMA
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Size: 200 mm (L) x 200 mm (W) x 210 mm (H)
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Measuring depth:  R = 50 mm
IBA Dosimetry Cylindrical Phantom

IBA Dosimetry Disk Phantom

Disk Phantom

Isocenter Verification with Film

  • Easy and precise method of verifying isocenter accuracy (e.g. for stereotactic applications, star shot)
  • Isocenter is determined by an appendant marke


  • Material: PMMA
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Size: 200 mm (L) x 200 mm (W) x 260 mm (H)
  • Diameter: 200 mm
  • Thickness of disks: 20 mm

Cubic Phantom

For the verification of light field versus radiation field conformance as well as for other constancy checks with radiographic film.

  • Film can be placed horizontally or vertically behind a defined layer of build-up material
  • Incl. scribed lines for field size set-up and fiducial markers to measure deviations of the radiation field
  • Optional Base Plate (also compatible with the Disk Phantom and the Cylindrical Phantom)



  • Material: PMMA
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Build-up layer: 10 mm
  • Size: 300 mm (L) x 300 mm (W) x 310 mm (H)
  • Film Size:
    • Ideal: 300 x 300 mm2
    • Alternatively: Any film size due to the special phantom design
IBA Dosimetry Cubic Phantom

IBA Dosimetry Primus A

Imaging QA Phantoms

Primus A

Test plate for kV planar image QA

  • Easy image QA of your IGRT imaging systems or flat-panel imager
  • Verify complete contrast determination, special resolution, scaling discrepancy, uniformity and positioning offsets

CT Phantom

  • Innovative 3-part nested PMMA phantom for CTDI measurements
  • Designed to image pediatric and adult head and body
  • According to FDA performance standard for diagnostic X-ray systems (21CFR 1020.33)

IBA Dosimetry CT Phantom

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